Creatine and Protein: Friends Or Foes

by Ultimate Sup Staff on March 15, 2021

Have you ever been so confused with your massive supplement stack? It's not always appropriate to take as many ingredients as you can. The reason is that they may ruin other's usefulness. So, should you use multiple supplements simultaneously, especially protein supplements combined with creatine? Do they “get along” well when you take them together? Ultimate Sup will help you figure out the answer.

On one hand, protein is well-known as a food form found in whey, plan, meat, egg, or other sources. You use protein to complete your daily macro counts. Protein in supplements can work well separately in your body, like any other kind of protein you eat daily. You can have a protein shake right after waking up as a meal-replacement drink. Also, taking it post-workout to boost your muscle recovery or using pre-bed protein to improve protein synthesis during your sleep is recommended. The most important thing is that you can absorb this protein source anytime. Moreover, you can quickly achieve your fitness goals thanks to a shake.  

Should creatine go with whey protein - Ultimate Sup

On the other hand, creatine is somehow a little different. It doesn’t work as a macronutrient. There is no daily recommended intake of creatine, as well. Creatine is a significant energy source. It's necessary for your phosphocreatine amount - a compound your body uses to generate rapid energy when you take up high-intensity, outburst workouts. These immediate energy stores have high mobility, but unfortunately, they only last long enough for other systems to kick in and take over. Taking creatine can improve the phosphocreatine amount in your muscle. Hence, you will receive a huge energy source, enough to enhance better performance.

The hardest thing to do is calculating your creatine amount daily. You have to saturate your body over a few days or weeks to boost your phosphocreatine stores in the right way. You may follow the following protocols. Casual gym-goers and bodybuilders simply tend to take 3-5 grams of creatine daily. That's the most common. However, individuals who wish to reach their saturation point quickly will enhance the creatine intake, about 20-25 grams per day for the first week. Then, they can maintain the normal creatine amount, around 5 grams daily.

To conclude, protein and creatine serve different purposes. As a source of structural amino acids, protein provides various functions. Only under certain circumstances is the protein used. Creatine is exclusively for energy in high-intensity situations.

Guess you know the answer. You can take these two supplements together. Basically, it makes no difference. You can even put a little creatine in your protein shake for better results. This combo including protein and creatine can push your protein macros along with maximizing your energy.

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