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6 Best-selling Supplements In 2024

by Ultimate Sup Staff on January 15, 2024

There are many different types of fitness supplements out there. However, not everyone knows the specific effects of each type to use them safely and effectively. Hence, let Ultimate Sup recommend a list of 6 best-selling supplements in 2024. 

Muscles don't develop completely when training unless you also pay attention to your nutrition absorption. As an indispensable element to gain muscle and lose fat, bodybuilders need to have enough nutrients for a long period of time. Therefore, functional foods and supplement stores nearby were born to help you get in shape easily and quickly.

In addition, supplements support you to limit injuries caused while hitting the gym. With these 6 supplements that are bestsellers in 2024, you may achieve the highest efficiency at home as well as in the gym.

1. MuscleTech MassTech Extreme 2000 -  The Best Mass Gainer/Whey Protein Powder

MassTech Extreme 2000 is a kind of mass gainer that promotes weight, muscles quickly due to its large nutritional content and calories. Additionally, the product contains a combination of BCAA, Glutamine, vitamins, and minerals to help gym-goers get a huge source of energy. That is why MassTech Extreme 2000 is ranked in the list of the best mass gainers for under-weight people. 

To be specific, the calorie content is really high - which is 2060kcal - ensuring to exceed the necessary caloric mark per day in boosting weight. In terms of protein origin, Whey Blend comes mainly from Whey Concentrate. The product from one of the world's most prestigious brands also includes Isolate and Hydrolyzed, without Casein. According to the manufacturer, MassTech Extreme uses multi-layer filtration technology to remove lactose and fat, so the amount of harmful impurities is really low. With 60 grams of protein and plenty of carb sources, this workout supplement is a great choice to increase endurance during exercise.

MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000 is one of the best supplements in 2020 - Ultimate Sup

2. Platinum 100% Creatine - Best Creatine Monohydrate 

If you want to boost your performance in the gym, creatine is the number-one supplement to consider. Studies have shown creatine plays an important role in increasing muscle mass, strength, and protecting human health from neurological diseases. Being a substance found in muscle cells, taking creatine as a supplement is essential among exercisers.

Platinum 100% Creatine brings a great experience for users by different kinds of vitamins in order to develop muscle and enhance strength effectively. Platinum 100% Creatine provides the highest quality and well-researched form of Micronized Creatine to assist you with gaining lean muscle and improving strength! Platinum Creatine acts as an energy-donating phosphate source for hard-working muscles, allowing long workout. With the benefit of increasing muscle size that goes unnoticed, Platinum 100% Creatine in any supplement store nearby can make your dream come true.

Platinum 100% Creatine gives you a great experience for you to get in good shape - Ultimate Sup

3. Ultra-Premium Super Mass Gainer - The Best Complex Formula For Muscle Building

Ultra-Premium Super Mass Gainer has an adequate source of calories, protein, BCAAS, vitamins and essential minerals that make it simple to boost muscle building. The body has to constantly be replenished with all the nutrients needed to promote its size, which is why Ultra-Premium Super Mass Gainer contains both Whey protein and Casein to continuously restore energy.

The product provides up to 50g of Protein per serving to boost effectiveness in the process of muscle growth. Moreover, the protein source of the product is a complex form including Whey Concentrate, Whey isolate and Casein, absorbed gradually to effectively nourish muscles. Even fat, sugar, and cholesterol - ingredients that most people think shouldn't be in any supplements - are all assured in Ultra-Premium Super Mass Gainer for their safety. Besides, containing up to 12grams of BCAAs and 25grams of EAAs makes the product trust-worthy in increasing the synthesis of protein for outstanding muscle development, effectively preventing muscle catabolism.

Super Mass Gainer as the best supplement to build muscles

4. MuscleTech Phase8  - The Best Blended Time-Release Protein 

Phase8 has been tested and processed by one of the most famous protein flavorers in the world. Hence, the best protein shake was released with a great taste of flavors that is easy to be chosen from any supplement stores nearby.

The unique Phase8 formula contains the protein blend for you to use every time you need it. Multi-stage absorption with amino acids in MuscleTech Phase8 promotes you to absorb faster after a workout. Not to mention with the help of protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and Micellar support in digestion, Phase8 is always “a-must" to have in your bag at all times.

MuscleTech Phase8 is the best Whey Protein Powder - Ultimate Sup

5. MP Assault - The Best Mass Gainer 

MP Assault differs from other best mass gainer products because of the added vitamin ingredients. This Musclepharm product contains up to 4 multivitamins such as Vitamin C, E, B6, B12 to awaken your body with more energy and endure your training. Furthermore, B6 and B12 can help you regenerate blood cells, create iron without symptoms of dizziness after a heavy, long performance. MP Assault also contains extra creatine to keep your muscles run smoother and stronger.

When it comes to muscle fuel, MP Assault with Taurine and L-Glycine will be the first one on top which gains muscle mass stronger than ever. Besides, caffeine anhydrous and acetyl-L-Carnitine contained in MP Assault can somehow push your mind to fight against tiredness.  

Use MusclePharm - Assault for energy boost and muscle building - Ultimate Sup

6. ISO 100 - The Best ISOLATE Whey Protein Powder

Another best-selling supplement brings out the name of ISO 100. The product is from Dymatize brand - one of the top dietary supplement kings in the world Ultimate Sup bets you can count on it. 

Dymatize ISO with 100% premium Whey Hydrolyzed ingredients - Ultimate Sup

The ISO100 product, which provides a fragrant taste, is completely lactose-free, low in carbs and cholesterol. With 100% premium Whey Hydrolyzed ingredients, how can any product compare? ISO 100 provides a source of Hydrolyzed 100% Whey Protein Isolate by Cross-flow Microfiltration (CFM) treatment to protect many important protein components including lactoferrin and immunoglobulins that make up pure protein sources with high biological value. It could be considered the best protein powder available today supporting the most optimal muscle building. That might partly be why the price is always high. 

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