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The Best Mass Gainers Of 2023

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A mass gainer, also known as a weight gainer, is a supplement that contains protein, carbohydrates, and fats intending to increase muscle mass. It is a high-calorie protein powder designed to improve daily calorie consumption and encourage weight gain.

A mass gainer contains muscle-building ingredients such as BCAAs, glutamine, creatine, and vitamins. A single serving of mass gainer can range from 350 to 1200 calories. Furthermore, the amount of protein in one serving will vary from 15 to 65 grams. Weight gainers are ideal for people who have an extremely fast metabolism who find it impossible to obtain calories even from high-calorie junk food. Besides, mass gainers are beneficial for building lean muscle mass, meeting the additional calorie requirement, improving digestion, and enhancing healthy workouts. 

If you want to buy the best gainers for weight gain in Singapore, drop a visit to Ultimate Sup. Having close collaborations with reputable brands such as MuscleTech, MusclePharm, Myprotein, and BlenderBottle, Ultimate Sup always provides customers with the most excellent weight gainers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Gainers

What Are Mass Gainer Benefits?
Meet extreme calorie requirements - Contain high-quality whey protein - Aid in muscle recovery and growth - Rich in fiber.

The Difference Between Whey Protein And Mass Gainer?

The key difference between mass gainers and whey protein is that mass gainer includes more calories (due to higher carbohydrate and fat content to increase calorie consumption). Both are beneficial to muscle recovery and development.

When Should I Take A Weight Gainer?

After workout and between meals.

How Many Scoops Of Mass Gainer Should I Take?

The number of scoops you consume will be determined by your nutritional goals and the nutritional content of the product you are using.

How Many Mass Gainer Shakes A Day?

The number of shakes you should consume in a day, like the number of scoops you should take, depends on your own calorie and macro targets.


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