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About Kaged Muscle

Kaged Muscle is the first ultra-premium sports nutrition supplement line of its kind and was created to help you reach your health and fitness goals without cutting corners. From our inception in 2014, we have focused on science-based formulations to develop clean, quality products. Especially, Kaged Muscle pre workouts, such as Kaged Muscle Pre workout Primer, are the most popular for their effectiveness. 

Originally from Wales, Kris Gethin has established himself as one of the most versatile fitness entrepreneurs in the industry. Before founding Kaged Muscle, Kris competed as a lifetime natural pro bodybuilder, placing as high as second place in the Natural World Championships.

Kaged Muscle is an ultra-premium science-based sports nutrition brand that delivers real results in the gym and provides incredible value for your money. If you want to find Kaged Muscle supplements in Singapore, drop by Ultimate Sup Singapore for premium items with the most attractive prices. From Kaged Muscle pre workout to intra workout supplements, you will never regret it.


Kaged Muscle, Pre-Kaged, Pre-Workout Primer, Workout Support, 1.41 lbs...


Kaged Muscle, Patented C-HCI, Creatine HCI, 75 Capsules


KAGED MUSCLE, IN-KAGED Intra Workout Powder, 310 grams


Kaged, Creatine HCl, Unflavored, 1.98 oz (56.25 g)


Kaged, PRE KAGED Sport, Pre Workout, 20 servings


Kaged Muscle, Citrulline, Amino Acid, 200g


Kaged Muscle, Glutamine | Build Muscle | Unflavored 500g


Kaged Muscle, Hydra-Charge | Hydrate & Defend Before, During,...