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About Amazing Grass

In Amazing Grass, there has been an uncomplicated process for over three generations: slow growth, deep roots, and collecting at peak nutrition:

  • Slow growth: The family grows grasses outdoors, not in a tray, through a cold winter.
  • Deep roots: Due to a deep root structure, the grasses can absorb as many nutrients and minerals as possible from the soils and underneath them.
  • Peak nutrition: The grasses are picked at the crops’ nutritional peak. So only with small details, a family farm in Kansas has genuinely made a difference.

Nowadays, the company always crafts the highest-quality, plant-based ingredients grown in farms around the world. Amazing Grass has committed to providing each product with certified organic, NON-GMO, and nutrition needed. Moreover, it will contain its own taste and be simple to enjoy.


Amazing Grass, Organic Super Greens, 150g (30 servings)


Amazing Grass, Organic Wheat Grass, Wheat Grass for Energy,...


Amazing Grass, Green Superfood Antioxidant, 210g


Amazing Grass, Organic Kale Powder source of Vitamin A...


Amazing Grass, Organic Kale Powder, 5.29 oz (150 g)


Amazing Grass, Green Superfood, The Original