Best Nutrition Post-Workout Drink: What To Take After A Workout

by Ultimate Sup Staff on February 07, 2021

You may know about pre-workout - supplements that replenish nutrients and strengthen your muscles before training. But, what about sport drinks after exercise? It's another important factor for fitness, too. Let’s find out more about it in the article below!

What Is A Post-Workout Drink?

It's a workout supplement that supplies a wide range of nutrients after a workout, especially high-intensity exercises

After each training session, your body consumes a lot of calories, energy, and nutrients. At that time, muscles will scream for protein. They need amino acids for an immediate recovery. If you don’t absorb protein right away, you can face some muscle issues such as slow recovery, underdevelopment muscles, or muscle loss. 

That's why a post-workout meal will be useful as it brings many nutrients. The nutrition here can come from two sources: natural foods and an ideal post-workout drink. 

Post-workout drinks are useful as they bring many nutrients - Ultimate Sup

Muscle Principles

You need energy all the time. There is an energy surplus in glycogen and protein forms in your muscle cells. During exercise, a certain amount of Glycogen will decrease, which makes you lack power. To be specific, your Glycogen amount can be lower by 40% post-workout if you train hard, based on scientific studies. The protein amount lowers gradually, leading to broken muscle tissues, too. 

Therefore you'll need an energy drink containing protein and Glycogen to restore energy immediately. Taking high-quality post workout beverages with Glycogen will help the body absorb nutrients as quickly as possible. The 45-minute interval post-workout is the best time to absorb carbohydrates and protein to help muscles recover quickly. Besides, carbs including Karbolyn or Dextrose are recommended. 

According to Bodybuilding, you should absorb 50% of the total carbs daily before and after training. For instance, if you need 300g carbs per day, you should take 150g carbs pre and post-workouts.

The Role Of Post-Workout Shakes

Post-workout drinks are essential because it determines your training success. If you choose a quick meal, all-fat processed food, it is you who threw away your effort during that 60-minute tiring training session. In contrast, if you take a high-quality shake after exercise, you can feel your body change day by day. 

Protein Shakes Aid Muscle Growth

Best nutrition shakes taken after workout is great support for your muscle growth after a challenging training. Because muscles can break down if you push them too much, taking protein and carbs is essential to rebuild muscles and make them stronger. Research has shown that using some best protein powder after training can build and converse muscle tissue, combined with a strength training schedule. 

Besides, they can preserve your muscle mass, as well. Protein drinks can prevent the muscle loss that comes with the aging process. Research shows that older adults who consistently use protein supplements can slow down muscle tissue loss, protecting their bones and overall health.

Protein Drinks Help To Lose Body Weight

Another power of protein powder is supporting losing weight. Since burning fat goes with a calorie deficit, making your diet higher in protein can preserve your muscle mass and focus on fat loss. Moreover, protein slows down the digestive process, which gives you a feeling of being full longer after you eat. This can decrease overeating and help with weight loss.

Post-Workout Drink Can Promote Your Metabolism

Protein shakes are your muscle’s fuel. They are everything you need to build and repair muscles. Your body can target burning during workouts, too. As a matter of fact, regular exercise along with protein in your diet increases muscle. It requires more calories for fuel. And after a long period of time, it enhances your metabolism.

What Should You Eat After Training?

After training, muscles are broken down and badly damaged. It is necessary to add more carbohydrates and proteins for the fastest muscle recovery. There are some natural foods that you should add to your body.

  • Yogurt with cereal or dried fruit will be a quick post-workout snack that immediately boosts carbohydrates and protein.
  • Eggs: The ones that are easily absorbed.
  • Turkey: Its lean meat is rich in protein, niacin, and vitamin B6.
  • Sea fish: rich in low-fat protein and Omega 3.
  • Beef: low in fat, high in protein
  • Banana: provides a quick amount of absorbed starch into the body and replenishes with lost potassium.

Nevertheless, avoid using these foods after training, such as green vegetables, fatty snacks, carbonated drinks, soda, salty snacks, cakes, etc. 

However, there is a downside when naturally adding carbs and proteins. You will not be able to control the calorie amount taken into your body. To assure an appropriate calorie and protein amount, Ultimate Sup recommends using some top post-training shakes. 

Currently, Ultimate Sup provides a variety of post-workout dietary supplements including the following products: Iso 100, Iso Flex, Impact Whey Protein.

Iso 100

ISO 100 is a Whey Protein line. It has the lowest fat, lowest calorie. Iso 100 is manufactured with the most modern technologies to create a super-pure, fast-absorbing protein to support muscle recovery and best development.

The product is regarded as the number-one post-workout shake. Dymatize ISO 100 includes whey protein hydrolyzate and whey protein isolate, two proteins considered the purest. Its 100% protein formula contains 25g of protein in a 29g scoop, which means this supplement has an 86% protein content. With 5.5g of BCAA per dose, Dymatize ISO 100 protein has an excellent 18% BCAA content. The vast majority of whey strains do not come close to this number.

ISO 100 is a Whey Protein line with the lowest fat and carbs - Ultimate Sup


According to experts, IsoFlex has gained popularity due to its excellent quality because they contain absolutely no soy protein. The most effective post training supplement uses the most modern protein separated technology to create the purest protein. Especially, Isoflex contains whey isolate, so the amount of fat and sugar are reduced. Therefore, bodybuilders are very fond of this product. It will stimulate to increase the protein synthesis of muscle fibers, helping your muscles grow.

IsoFlex has gained popularity due to its excellent quality  - Ultimate Sup

Impact Whey Protein

Impact Whey Protein is the best post-workout supplement that is made up of 100% Whey Concentrate. The most popular brand in Europe - My Protein - manufactures this product. The protein content in this leading dietary supplement after performance is produced by the simplest method. Therefore, the main ingredient is Whey Protein Concentrate, a form of natural Whey, containing many biological values very good for the body. The protein content variation reaches up to 80% and it consists of many protein fractions. According to studies, these peptides need to be maintained in their natural, unmodified form to fully realize their properties.

Impact Whey Protein is the best post-workout supplement that is made up of 100% Whey Concentrate - Ultimate Sup

NitroTech Whey Gold

Scientists have revealed the whey peptide ingredient in NitroTech Whey Gold to promote muscle recovery, support insulin response, and improve assimilation. In addition, the super-pure protein in the product has the ability to quickly absorb into the bloodstream, thus forming and building muscle groups in both size and strength. This is the highest biological value of this best protein powder after training.

NitroTech Whey Gold promotes muscle recovery, supports insulin response, and improves assimilation - Ultimate Sup
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