4 Reasons Why Multivitamin And Mineral Supplements You Use Are Useless

by Ultimate Sup Staff on January 10, 2021

You spend tons of money on multivitamin/mineral (MVM) dietary supplements but feel nothing? Here are four reasons why they are not as effective as you expect.

MVM boosters are really popular these days. You can easily find them at any grocery or supplement stores. However, before wasting on any nutritional products, you need to understand them well. Read this article to prevent yourself from throwing money down the drain, as there are a lot of VMV supplements that are different from what they advertise. 

What Are Multivitamin/Mineral (MVM) Dietary Supplements?

Multivitamin/mineral (MVM) supplements consist of both vitamins and minerals, maybe some other nutrients, too. With these ingredients, your body may receive plenty of benefits. MVMs will provide substances that you lack through diets. Besides, your vitamin or mineral deficiencies resulted from poor physical conditions, certain medications, etc will be improved. 

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Four Reasons Why MVM Pills Are Ineffective

Component Conflict

Not all MVMs can be taken together because some substances may prevent others from being absorbed. That leads to the absorption efficiency of some vitamins and minerals. For example, Calcium is something you might not want to take while trying to enhance your Zinc, Iron, and Manganese amount.

You should be careful with Zinc since it will interfere with your Iron and other amino acid absorption. As a matter of fact, several folks have a habit of taking MVMs with food. Using MVMs during your meals will fuse your protein and amino acid amount, making some essential amino acids for muscles disappear. 

In case you try to boost your Calcium intake, stay away from Magnesium. You don't want to see these two minerals “fighting” in your body, trust me.

Missing Or Omitted Ingredients

Many multivitamins work as a team for the best result. Hence, missing crucial substances can make them useless. You can bear vitamin K in mind. It helps regulate blood clotting, repair or build bones, and affect insulin sensitivity along with blood sugar. Next, vitamin B is essential for gym-goers or athletes as it keeps the nerves and blood cells healthy. Unfortunately, most people ignore them when building muscle mass, getting in shape, and staying in good health. 

Wrong MVM Form Needed 

Each fitness purpose requires each specific type of MVMs. So, it's necessary to choose the right MVM form you need. For instance, instead of chromium or a poorly absorbed type (chromium chloride), you may want to try a well-absorbed kind of vitamins like Picolinate. 

You should pay more attention to vitamin A, as well. Make sure vitamin A is all-trans-beta Carotene. This vitamin structure prevents toxicity and only provides the vitamin A amount you truly desire. Other forms of this vitamin, such as Retinyl Acetate or Retinyl Palmitate can become toxic if overdose. 

Don’t forget vitamin K. There are three types of vitamin K: K1, K2, and K3. Currently, vitamin K still raises plenty of controversy over the topic of K1 (Phylloquinone) and K2 (Menaquinone). Researchers haven’t found a more effective answer. Therefore, if possible, you should look for a multivitamin that contains both at a 1:8 ratio, maybe 5mg K1 and 45mg K2.

Poor Absorption

Apart from MVM supplements, you might boost your multivitamin and mineral intake by eating a wider variety of foods. If you want to increase MVM absorption, you can use some tips to enhance their bioavailability. 

Try to use certain spices that contain Piperine (Bioperine), Capsaicin, or Ginger. Piperine in black pepper extract has been shown to develop the absorption of many vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B, Beta Carotene, and Selenium. 

Another way to increase absorption is to dissolve it in water. The situation will definitely improve by drinking lots of microencapsulated active water or taking MVMs, especially fat-soluble ones such as vitamin A, E, D, and K, on an empty stomach.

What Kinds Of MVM Supplements Are The Best?

Now you can choose an MVM supplement better for yourself. One's nutrient amount varies by age and gender, known as Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) and Adequate Intakes (AIs). One value for each nutrient, known as the Daily Value (DV), depending on the dietary supplements and foods’ labels. A DV seems to be similar to one’s RDA or AI for that nutrient. The label provides the %DV so that you can see how much (what percentage) a serving of the product contributes to reaching the DV.

For more information, you can consider trying some of these MVM supplements below.

Blackmores Multivitamins And Minerals

Blackmores Multivitamin And Minerals has the advantage of containing several nutrients with relatively large content, in accordance with fast absorption, giving all-round nutritional support and enhancing your overall health. Thanks to this product, you will fix your unbalanced diet in a one-a-day dose. With some main active ingredients such as Folic Acid, vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, the booster from Blackmores can help you turn to a new leaf. 

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Solaray Vitamin D3+K2

The most remarkable feature of Solaray Vitamin D3 & K2 is its formula. It combines high-potency natural source D-3 Cholecalciferol with a clinically supported serving of K-2 Menaquinone-7 from natural source natto. As a result, the product gives a great hand in developing healthy bones and a improving well-functioning cardiovascular system.

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Now Foods Zinc Gluconate 

There is no doubt that zinc is a vital mineral for gym-goers during workout processes. Zinc supplementation is the best way to promote bone and muscle development because it boosts protein synthesis with an enzyme mechanism. 

For that reason, Zinc Gluconate from Now Foods was created. With 50mg Zinc per serving, the product significantly improves hormones and increases your total body Testosterone for long term use. Moreover, it fights against muscle inflammation to stabilize your muscles when training at high intensity. Zinc Gluconate also strengthens your immune system and repairs open wounds more quickly.

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Who Takes MVM Supplements?

Study has revealed that more than one-third of the United States use MVMs. About one in four young children focus on MVM, although teenagers are least likely to take one. However, the older they get, the more they tend to use MVM supplements. That’s why by the age of 71, more than 40% use an MVM.

The most common customers of MVM supplements are women, the elderly, educated people with more income, those who follow healthier diets and lifestyles, etc. On the other hand, smokers, along with specific ethnic and racial groups, are not so potential. 


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