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MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, 4.6lbs - Ultimate Sup
MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, 4.6lbs, Main front
MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, 4.6lbs, Back
MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, 4.6lbs, Supplement Facts
MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, 4.6lbs
MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, 4.6lbs
MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, 4.6lbs
MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, 4.6lbs

    MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder, Sustained Release 8-Hour Protein Shake, 4.6lbs

    MuscleTech Phase8
    MuscleTech Phase8


    MuscleTech Whey protein Phase8 has been researched and created a formula called "The Perfect 8 Hours" that includes various protein sources. With 26 grams of protein in each scoop, Phase8 will help you nourish and develop muscle for eight hours continuously. 

    The most outstanding feature of Phase8 Protein is its unique protein blend. It consists of six different protein sources. This MuscleTech supplement has a perfect source of multi-nutrients to build and gain muscle mass in an optimal way. Moreover, Phase8 is considered a superior, clean macronutrient profile with only half the carbohydrates and fat.

    One serving of Phase8 Protein 4.6lbs with a weight of 42 grams provides you with:

      - 26 grams of the protein blend, mixed in standard proportions, is beneficial for your digestive system.

      - 5.6 grams of BCAA and 2.2 grams of Glutamine inhibit catabolism and accelerate anabolism effectively.

      -  A punch of clean macronutrients.

    Moreover, the formula does not contain sugar and impurities. It doesn't adversely affect the cutting process, either.


    Phase 8 contains six high-quality milk-derived protein sources designed for various digestion rates to boost your absorption, put your body in perfect condition for muscle repair and recovery constantly for eight hours. These six high-quality protein sources include:

    • Whey Protein Concentrate: A protein source with moderate purity, average absorption rate.
    • Milk Protein Concentrate: A kind of protein that can bring excellent solubility and dispersibility 
    • Micellar Casein: A slow-digesting protein. It gives a long-duration BCAA source, too. 
    • Calcium Caseinate: A protein source that enhances your calcium intake, thus increasing bone density.
    • 97% Whey Protein Isolate: The one that contains almost no impurities. It is regarded as a fast-absorbing protein with incredible speed. 
    • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate: The ingredient hydrolyzed to increase purity and help your body absorb much faster.

    You can find every protein source in Phase8 originates from milk. Each element in this blend has an unexpectedly high biological value and a particular absorption rate. That's why the product can nourish your muscle continuously for 8 hours. Fast-absorbing proteins will repair, restore, and build muscle right after you use them. Slow-absorbing proteins are saved for later. They will slowly be absorbed into your body, ensuring that your muscles always have enough protein to participate in activities.

    Besides, Phase8 Protein delivers exceptionally high doses of branched-chain amino acids, known as BCAAs, and Glutamine, a powerful anti-catabolic amino acid. The blend goes with other essential amino acids aiming to build fast, durable, and strong muscles.


    Formulated with 5.6g of BCAAs and 5g of Glutamine, Phase8 is truly a great source of amino acids.

    • BCAAs: Accelerate to use fat for energy. It allows you to train harder for more extended periods, thus increasing both strength and endurance.
    • Glutamine: Promote muscle endurance, muscle recovery after exercise. Also, Glutamine strengthens your immune system and is especially effective in reducing muscle soreness while training.


    Each serving of MuscleTech Phase8 Protein provides 50mg of the digestive enzyme Papain and 50mg of the enzyme Amylase. They will support digestive system health, increase the ability to absorb protein into your body quickly, and avoid bloating when consuming a large amount of protein.


    Phase8 Protein 4.6lbs is a premium product from one of the leading manufacturers currently - MuscleTech. The US brand has a history of more than 20 years. MuscleTech's products are widely distributed in more than 90 countries worldwide and are loved by many gym-goers and bodybuilders. 

    It is also the one that meets platinum standards for any production line. The company tests all of its products in an independent laboratory. In this way, MuscleTech ensures Phase8 Protein reaches the consumers’ highest quality requirements. Phase8 Protein 4.6lbs is famous for a wide range of flavors bringing delicious taste, as well.


    With other whey protein products, you need to take them when your muscles need protein the most, such as in the morning or after workouts. However, with the phenomenal supplement and its protein amount, you can maximize your muscle growth for hours. You can use Phase8 any time, before and after training, to provide fast-absorbing protein to the body. You can also take Phase8 between meals to get the protein and amino acids absorbed to build muscle all day. In particular, Phase8 also contains Casein, so it is suitable for nourishing muscles at night so you can use it before bed. There’s no way you can find another workout supplement on the market that has similar effects to Phase8 Protein.

    How to Take:

    • Between Major Meals
    • Post Workout
    • Before Bed

    Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) with 8 oz. of cold water or skim milk in a glass or shaker cup. For best results, mix two servings (2 scoops) with 16 oz. of water or skim milk. Use between major meals and after exercise. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. For maximum results, consume four scoops daily for a minimum of 6 weeks.


    Protein blend (Whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate [supplying micellar casein and whey], micellar casein, calcium caseinate, whey protein isolate 97%, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate), maltodextrin, cocoa (processed with alkali), natural and artificial flavors, gum blend (cellulose gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan), salt, calcium carbonate, enzyplex (papain, amylase), silicon dioxide, acesulfame-potassium, sucralose, soy or sunflower lecithin.

    The product contains milk and soy ingredients. It has been processed in a facility that also processes wheat, egg, tree nut, fish, and shellfish ingredients.

    This product contains 5.6 g of branched-chain amino acids that occur naturally in the protein. There are no added amino acids in this formula that are counted towards the total amount of protein listed on the label.


    Do not use it if pregnant or nursing. Consult a medical doctor if you have a medical condition before starting any diet or exercise program. Keep out of reach of children.

    Do not use it if the packaging has been tampered with. Store in a cool, dry place (60°F to 80°F).

    Notice: Use this product as a food supplement only. Do not use it for weight reduction. 


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    For over two decades, the MuscleTech® brand has launched industry-defining product innovations that have helped fitness enthusiasts and athletes achieve their goals. With cutting-edge formulas engineered by an elite team of researchers, MuscleTech® continues to provide the most premium supplements in the world to support a healthy lifestyle. MuscleTech® comes from America’s #1 selling sports supplement company, and with distribution in over 140 countries, is one of the most prominent sports nutrition brands worldwide. Ultimate Sup is currently distributing a wide range of MuscleTech supplement products with the most reasonable price in Singapore.

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