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Myprotein Advanced Weight Gainer | Ultimate Weight Gainer Formula
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    Myprotein Advanced Weight Gainer | Ultimate Weight Gainer Formula

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    ✅Product Overview

    Our Extreme Gainer Blend has been created specifically to support your bulk-up ambitions, with a huge 35g of protein per serving — perfect for building and maintaining muscle.

    The Extreme Gainer Blend also boasts a staggering 62g of carbs in every serving, giving you an excellent source of energy for your training, as well as supporting your post-workout recovery.

    This all-in-one protein shake features additional ingredients to help fuel your training — including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Our Extreme Gainer Blend also contains creatine monohydrate, which is proven to increased physical performance,3 so that you can push for progress in each and every session.

    ✅Key Benefits

    ◾All-in-one formula

    ◾35g of protein and 61g of carbs

    ◾446 calories per serving

    ◾Added creatine, MCT, vitamins and minerals

    ✅Why Choose?

    ◾What are the benefits of the Extreme Gainer Blend?

    Packed with protein and crammed with carbs, our Extreme Gainer blend is a beasty bulk-up companion1 — delivering much-needed nutritionals to support your muscle-building goals.

    We’ve added a vitamin and mineral blend boasting great health benefits for everyday wellbeing, including vitamin C to keep your mind sharp,4 magnesium to keep your muscles and bones functioning normally,5 and vitamin B6 to help you stay on top of your game.

    We’ve also included creatine, which helps support peak performance,3 and glutamine — an amino acid that naturally occurs in protein, which helps to build and repair new muscle.

    ◾What does the Extreme Gainer Blend taste like?

    We create our protein blends to provide excellent nutritionals while also tasting great. That’s why our Extreme Gainer Blend comes in a range of delicious flavours, from Chocolate Mint to Strawberry Cream. With a selection of six different flavours, you can find your favourite no matter your mood.

    ◾Who is the Extreme Gainer Blend for?

    Our Extreme Gainer Blend has been designed specifically for individuals looking to bulk up and increase their muscle mass,1 but it’s also perfect for anyone looking to boost their protein and carbohydrate intake.

    This protein blend is perfect for anyone following a meat-free diet who may struggle to get enough protein from their diet alone.

    Since this blend contains whey protein, it’s not suitable for vegans — for anyone following a purely plant-based lifestyle, we recommend our Vegan Protein Blend as a great alternative.

    ✅Suggested Use

    ◾When to take Extreme Gainer Blend?

    Reap the benefits by enjoying this shake first thing in the morning, pre or post-workout, or any time you feel the need to fuel your day. Add 3 ½ large scoops (125g) to milk or water and shake for 30 seconds.

    ⚠Note: The bag is shipped out sealed and in original condition. However, the zip lock of the bag has been known to be not very good. If you happen to receive such bag, please transfer the powder into another container. We will not accept return, refund for any bag that has been cut open.