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    Primeval Labs, Whey, 100% Premium Whey Protein, 5lbs

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    Primeval Labs, Whey, Premium Whey Protein 5lbs
    • 23 grams protein per serving
    • WHEY uses ONLY 100% WPC-80
    • Support muscle recovery and growth
    • Support weight loss
    • Naturally rich in BCAAs
    • Added digestive enzymes

    Primeval Labs WHEY - The One That Delicious And Affordable

    WHEY by Primeval Labs is a 100% pure whey protein concentrate (WPC) protein powder that blends quickly and tastes delicious.

    Its whey protein concentrate is made from high-quality milk, resulting in a highly bioavailable protein naturally high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

    Primeval Labs WHEY is an excellent protein source for any healthy person seeking to improve their performance, wellness, and physique.

    More About Primeval Labs WHEY

    Whey protein is one of two proteins found naturally in cow's milk. It makes up 20% of the total protein in milk, with casein responsible for the remaining 80%.

    Whey protein is regarded as one of the best sources of protein because of its high biological value (BV), which rivals that of egg protein – nature's "perfect" protein.

    In particular, whey has a biological value of 104, which is higher than the biological values of egg, beef, chicken, or fish protein. This essentially ensures the whey protein is effectively digested, processed, and used by the human body.

    Furthermore, whey protein is rapidly digested, making it an enticing option for a post workout recovery shake. Research also supports whey protein supplementation when trying to build muscle, lose fat, and improve body composition.

    Additional research indicates that supplementing with whey protein can increase anaerobic capacity and strength as compared to carbohydrate supplementation, owing to improved recovery when supplementing with protein.

    Whey With WPC-80

    There is only the highest-quality whey protein concentrate in this Primeval Labs WHEY protein powder - WPC-80. This provides a protein-rich powder while keeping sugars, fat, and total calories under control.

    Another advantage of having a concentrate over anything like hydrolyzed whey protein is that it contains more of the bioactive fractions naturally found in whey, such as:

    • ß-lactoglobulin 
    • α-lactalbumin 
    • Bovine serum albumin
    • Immunoglobulins
    • Glycomacropeptide
    • Lactoferrin
    • Lactoperoxidase

    And, whey concentrate also offers a superior texture and mouthfeel compared to other protein powders, which can either taste thin and watery or gritty and grass-like.

    Digestive Support

    WPC-80 is naturally low in lactose and whey and is extremely bioavailable, but Primeval Labs wanted to increase its digestion and absorption even further by using DigeSEBTM.

    DigeSEBTM is a one-of-a-kind complex of digestive enzymes included to improve digestibility, reduce bloating, and strengthen the optimal nutrition of WHEY.

    DigeSEBTM is a unique mix of FIVE digestive enzymes that improves the digestibility of a wide variety of foods (including dairy) into nutrients that the body can use effectively.

    Enzymes included in DigeSEB™ are:

    • Amylases - naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates, more specifically starch, into smaller dextrins and sugars.
    • Lactase - a digestive enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk sugar)
    • Proteases - enzymes that hydrolyze (breaks down) proteins found in whey, casein, steak, chicken, fish as well as plant proteins into smaller chains of polypeptides and amino acids for uptake and utilization by the body.
    • Lipase - enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of fats into essential fatty acids used by the body for cell membrane repair and maintenance, hormone production, and numerous other functions.
    • Cellulase - enzyme that digests cellulose, a complex carbohydrate found in all plant material, including plant fiber.

    About The Brand 

    Primeval Labs was established to do two things exceptionally well: creating successful formulations to provide customers with the best choices for sports supplements and giving the tastiest products on the market.  Not only does this company want to help you achieve your goals with Ultimate Sup Singapore, but it also wishes you to love every one of its products each time you use them.