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UltimateSup Flexi Bar Details
UltimateSup Flexi Bar Highlight
UltimateSup Flexi Bar Details
UltimateSup Flexi Bar Details
UltimateSup Flexi Bar Details
UltimateSup Flexi Bar Details
UltimateSup Flexi Bar How To Use
UltimateSup Flexi Bar How To Use

    UltimateSup Flexi Bar, Fitness Stick, Weight Loss Support, Vibrating Rod High Frequency Vibration

    $12.80 $27.00

    ◾ Product Type: Fitness Elastic Swing Stick Bar

    ◾ Material: Fiberglass+rubber

    ◾ Size: 160cm

    ◾ Color: Black

    ◾ Function: Body buliding

    ◾ Feature:

    - High-frequency vibration

    - Non-slip grip

    - Comfortable rubber

    ✅ Why Choose Ultimate Sup Fitness Elastic Swing Stick Bar?

    1. It helps to promote muscle growth and enhance the body's metabolism. When you use the Swing stick bar, the rod will produce a specific amplitude, so that the deep trunk muscles, abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles and the core muscles of the back are in a tight state and continue to be stimulated by the amplitude.

    2. The Swing stick bar shakes at a high frequency, so that all the muscles of your whole body are shaken in a short time. Achieve the best fat burning heart rate and achieve the effect of fat burning and fat reduction.

    3. High-quality material: fiberglass and soft silicone grips, which can ensure that the fitness bar will not break at high frequency vibration, and the grip will be comfortable and not slippery.

    4. Suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

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