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Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2 - Thumbnail
Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2
Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2  Running Waist Bag
Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2 - Features
Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2 - features
Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2 - Product features
Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2 - Compartments
Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2 - Can be worn many ways
Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2 - Use

    Ultimatesup Running Pouch 2, Running Waist Bag Waterproof Bag


    The Running Pouch 2 by UltimateSup fully meets the basic needs of runners. In particular, the bag has a special foreign compartment that can hold the size of a water bottle, which is very suitable for jogging. The remaining compartments are divided scientifically so that you can store: phones, keys, money, ....

    • Material: Polyester, Nylon
    • There is a separate water compartment
    • Adjustable strap to fit around your waist
    • 2 safety reflective strips
    UltimateSup Running Pouch 2


    ✦ UltimateSupt's Running pouch 2 is completely waterproof. It protects your electronic devices when suddenly encountering rain when jogging, participating in long runs, or in bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc.

    ✦ The bag strap has good elasticity, can be adjusted in width, so it is suitable for both men's and women's waist sizes. The latch lock is also selected by high-quality plastic to avoid brittleness and breakage when used for a long time.

    ✦ 2 reflective strips for safety in low light conditions. This feature is useful for those who run at night or run in low light conditions. It helps passersby, traffic see you to get out of the way.

    ✦ First look at the fabric surface of the bag. The surface of the fabric is tear-resistant, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. It ensures the durability of the bag when you use it for a long time. Smooth zipper closure - easy opening, anti-wear, anti-oxidation if exposed to water.


    • Put the phone in the main pocket
    • 2nd pocket for personal belongings
    • Separate headphone bag
    • Hidden water bottle pocket
    UltimateSup Running bag

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