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About Naturade

Naturade has been well known for its commitment to improving consumers’ health and well-being with innovative, natural products since 1926. For almost ten decades, the company has developed a range of products that will enhance health and beauty by restoring the natural balance between nutrients and foodstuffs. Naturade is highly respected as an innovator in the natural products industry, providing natural health products worldwide.

Naturade pioneered the introduction of soy protein powders in the 1950s. Over the years, Naturade has manufactured and distributed various health-related products, including vitamins, nutritional supplements, and beauty care products.

Naturade’s commitment to quality is regarded as a standard of excellence in the dietary supplement industry, thus offering a healthier way to life naturally. The company’s priority and standard of excellence demand effective, nutritional quality controls. These controls are integrated through every phase of product development and production. Naturade’s commitment inspires the company to pursue more excellent and more advanced technology to ensure only the highest quality possible in its products.

In 2012, Kareem Cook and Claude Tellis acquired Naturade with the thesis of bringing "Whole Foods quality" products to underserved communities. Having already run a company Healthy Body Products, which was in large part responsible for having junk food eliminated from the vending machines in LA and was awarded the contract for every public school in Los Angeles, they have attracted investment from Magic Johnson, Grant Hill, and other business and sports icons who share the values and mission of Naturade. The biggest brands are VeganSmart and Naturade Nutritional Shake, which are delicious plant-based shakes.

Naturade is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise.


Naturade, Total Soy, Weight Loss Shake, 540g