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BCAA vs Creatine: Which Supplement Is Better For Muscle Building

by Ultimate Sup Staff on October 24, 2021

Which one would be better to support your fitness journey: BCAA vs Creatine?

BCAA and creatine are two types of supplements dominating the fitness supplement market. They are used by athletes, bodybuilders, and those who take part in intense sports.

When paired with training, BCAA and Creatine can support muscle growth and recovery. But, if putting BCAA vs Creatine alone, which one is better? They seem to be similar, but let's find their differences with Ultimate Sup Singapore

TL;DR - BCAA vs Creatine: Which One Is Better

BCAA and Creatine support you to grow muscle. BCAA boosts the protein synthesis's rate and lowers protein breakdown’s rate. Creatine delivers extra ATP to assist you with training. To answer the question of BCAA vs Creatine, you need to know how your body interacts with these supplements. Or, you can use both BCAA and Creatine for your best training results. 

How to choose between bcaa vs creatine

What Are BCAAs?

Let's begin with BCAAs. BCAAs are Branched Chain Amino Acids. They combine three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Your body cannot produce these elements. That's why it must get them through diets or supplements.

According to some studies, combining BCAAs with resistance exercise can enhance muscle building and fat burning. BCAAs also promote hormonal balance and aid in muscle soreness and recovery.

What Is Creatine?

Creatine is made up of two amino acids: arginine and methionine. Unlike Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine, these amino acids are unnecessary. Which means our bodies can make creatine. But, creatine, especially Creatine Monohydrateis the most popular and well-studied supplement. It has a long list of claimed advantages. One of them is contributing to ATP production. Creatine transports energy derived from the breakdown of food to the cells. Besides, it supplies strength to improve exercise performance in this way.

They both sound fantastic, aren’t they? But which one is more beneficial? Next, it’s time to talk about science. 

Benefits Of BCAAs

Many studies have demonstrated about BCAAs with advantages. They can avoid muscle damage and discomfort and reduce recovery time.
BCAA requires no pre-digestion. So, you don't have to worry about getting energy from meals. It can still enter the bloodstream. BCAA is a rapid energy source, and the three amino acids combined work well in muscle synthesis. It fuels your workout by burning itself as fuel. Then, it protects the muscle from breakdown through a process known as gluconeogenesis.
You can use BCAA as a stand-alone supplement or after a strenuous workout. Here are some benefits of BCAAs:
  • Allows you to work longer without becoming exhausted
  • Assists in protein synthesis and the development of lean muscles.
  • Provides energy to your muscles throughout the exercise 
  • Aids in fat loss
  • Prevents muscle breakdown
  • Aids in muscle recovery when used with a low-calorie diet.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone supplement or as part of a combination.

Benefits Of Creatine

When it comes to creatine supplementation, there are plenty of benefits. Creatine has been shown to improve muscle force, power, and bulk. Also, it can reduce fatigue. In addition, creatine supplementation during resistance training boosted muscle strength by 8%. 
Creatine is not taken into the bloodstream. Instead, it is stored as Creatine Phosphate in skeletal muscle. Here, it loses a phosphate molecule to ADP and converts it to ATP to use as an energy source. However, creatine, unlike protein or BCAA, does not create muscles. It just increases your stamina, allowing you to perform more reps. Thus, creatine stimulates your mus growth.
  • Aids in the development of endurance
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Improves muscle size due to water retention
  • Makes you feel less tired.

BCAA vs Creatine: Which Is Better?

As you can see, BCAA and creatine are both beneficial supplements, but they have some differences. The main difference between BCAA and creatine is their mechanism of action. BCAA work by providing the building blocks for muscle protein synthesis, while creatine works by providing the energy for muscle contraction. BCAA and creatine also have different effects on the body and when they should be taken.

BCAA vs Creatine: Which is better

BCAA Vs. Creatine for Muscle Growth

Both BCAA and creatine can help you increase your muscle growth, but they have different roles and effects. BCAA can stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which is the process of building new muscle tissue. Creatine can increase your training volume and intensity, which are the main factors that determine muscle growth. BCAA and creatine can work synergistically to enhance muscle growth, by providing both the nutrients and the stimulus for muscle growth.

BCAA Vs. Creatine for Athletic Performance

Both BCAA and creatine can help you improve your athletic performance, but they have different effects on different types of exercise. BCAA can improve your performance during endurance and aerobic exercise, by providing energy, reducing fatigue, and preserving muscle mass. Creatine can improve your performance during high-intensity and anaerobic exercise, by providing more power, speed, and explosiveness. BCAA and creatine can complement each other to improve your performance across a wide range of sports and activities.

BCAA Vs. Creatine for Recovery

Both BCAA and creatine can help you enhance your recovery, but they have different effects on the recovery process. BCAA can reduce muscle soreness, by reducing the damage and inflammation that occur in the muscle fibers after exercise. Creatine can speed up muscle recovery, by replenishing the energy and water that are lost from the muscles during exercise. BCAA and creatine can work together to improve your recovery, by reducing the pain and restoring the function of the muscles.

When Is BCAA Supplementation Favourable?

BCAA supplementation is favourable when you want to:

  • Improve your performance during endurance and aerobic exercise
  • Reduce your fatigue and enhance your focus during exercise
  • Increase your muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown
  • Decrease your muscle soreness and improve your recovery
  • Help with weight loss and appetite control
  • Prevent muscle wasting due to aging, illness, or inactivity

When Is Creatine Supplementation Favourable?

Creatine supplementation is favourable when you want to:

  • Improve your strength and power during high-intensity and anaerobic exercise
  • Increase your lean muscle mass and improve your body composition
  • Help your muscles recover more quickly during exercise
  • Increase your energy and endurance during exercise
  • Speed up your muscle growth and achieve your fitness goals faster
  • Support your bone and brain health and prevent age-related decline

FAQs About BCAA And Creatine

Here are some frequently asked questions about BCAA and creatine, and their answers:

  • Should I take BCAA or creatine? It depends on your goals, preferences, and lifestyle. Both BCAA and creatine are beneficial supplements, but they have different effects and uses.

  • Will BCAAs make my muscles bigger? BCAAs can help you increase your muscle growth, by stimulating muscle protein synthesis, which is the process of building new muscle tissue. However, BCAAs alone are not enough to make your muscles bigger. You also need to consume enough protein, calories, and other nutrients, as well as follow a proper training program, to achieve optimal muscle growth.

  • Is creatine and creatine monohydrate the same? Creatine monohydrate is the most common and widely used form of creatine supplement. It is composed of 88% creatine and 12% water. Creatine monohydrate is also the most researched and proven form of creatine, as it has been shown to be safe and effective for most people. There are other forms of creatine, such as creatine ethyl ester, creatine hydrochloride, and creatine nitrate, but they have not been proven to be superior to creatine monohydrate, and may have some drawbacks, such as lower bioavailability, higher cost, or more side effects.

  • Will creatine make you look bigger? Creatine can make you look bigger, by increasing your water retention, which can increase your muscle size and fullness. However, this is not a permanent effect, and it will disappear once you stop taking creatine. Creatine can also make you look bigger, by increasing your lean muscle mass, which can improve your body composition and appearance. This is a more lasting effect, and it will persist as long as you maintain your muscle mass and strength.

  • Can I Take Whey Protein And Casein Together? Yes, you can take whey protein and casein together. In fact, some people prefer to mix them to get the benefits of both fast and slow-digesting proteins. Whey protein can provide a quick boost of amino acids to your muscles after a workout, while casein protein can provide a steady supply of amino acids throughout the night or between meals. By taking whey and casein together, you can optimize your muscle protein synthesis and recovery.

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The BCAA vs creatine dispute is difficult to resolve, as there is no clear winner or loser. If you can't decide between the two, the good news is that you can take them at various times on the same day. The trick is to grasp the qualities and advantages of both before making a decision. Creatine is an excellent supplement for strength training and muscle growth. BCAA supplements are a better choice for building lean muscle. Don't hesitate to find the best BCAA and Creatine supplements at Ultimate Sup Singapore and know which one is perfect for you. 

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