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Branched Chain Amino Acids: What You Need To Know About BCAA

by Ultimate Sup Staff on December 18, 2020

Have you heard of Branched Chain Amino Acid? Or the thing we also call as BCAAs?

Although BCAAs are an extremely essential nutrient, many people don't have a specific understanding of this factor. What are BCAAs? What are their beneficial impacts on the body, and when do you need to take this kind of supplement? Follow the article below to get yourself enough necessary information.

What Are BCAAs?

Let's pay attention to the BCAA definition before looking at its benefits and importance for your body.

BCAAs are groups of essential amino acids. Each person needs nearly 20 amino acids to synthesize. Only then can branched chain amino acids create nutrients to nourish and develop your body. There are nine crucial classified groups of amino acids among nearly 20 categories. Of these nine types, we'll have three branched amino acids called the BCAA group.

As the abbreviation for Branched Chain Amino Acid Singapore, the BCAA group contains three amino acids with branching structures, including:

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine


Leucine is one of the amino acids found in proteins. It has the ability to stimulate protein synthesis to build muscle. This is the most crucial amino acid for muscle synthesis, optimizing sports training for muscle growth. 

In addition to muscle building, leucine also has other effects: slowing muscle decline, promoting muscle recovery, reducing fat, etc. 


If you need to increase insulin secretion in the body and regulate your blood sugar level, isoleucine is an outstanding choice. For bodybuilders, insulin is vital because it pushes protein synthesis and storage throughout the body. Lack of insulin will result in the process breakdown, leading to muscle loss and thinness.


BCAA has an effect on reducing fatigue and exhaustion during exercise because of valine. Valine also assists in generating energy for users and increasing muscle mass.

Compared with other amino acid groups, these branched chain amino acids will mainly break down in the muscle, not in the liver. Therefore, this is considered tremendously vital energy for health, especially for those who regularly hit the gym. 

How Important Are BCAAs?

As mentioned before, branched chain amino acids play a key role in promoting your health due to their remarkable benefits.

Generally speaking, this group of amino acids performs the following functions:

  • Conduct cell health building and repair for damaged tissues.
  • Break down into muscle cells to generate energy for the body.
  • Support the reproduction of antibodies to enhance the immune system and human resistance.
  • Participate in the enzyme activities as well as produce necessary hormones for the body.
  • Directly involved in the DNA and RNA construction.
  • Carry oxygen throughout your body.

Assist With Your Workout Endurance

During workouts, your body often loses strength, causing you to fall into a fatigued state. The longer you practice, the higher intensity you will get. 

This is the reason why muscle regions use most of BCAAs to maintain exercise activities. When you reduce the BCAAs amount, the tryptophan in the brain increases and turns into serotonin - a substance that creates fatigue during exercise.

Therefore, the timely and full supplement of the BCAA group will prevent serotonin from being produced. It maintains your physical and mental health better under the exercise pressure.

Branched Chain Amino Acid Aids In Relieving Muscle Soreness

Your muscles are always under a certain pressure, which can lead to muscle soreness. This pain will sometimes go away on its own when you relax. However, there can be lingering aches and pains that become even more obvious after a few days.

In order to get rid of this situation, taking a BCAA supplement is very important. The reason is that branched chain amino acid Singapore can inhibit creatine kinase optimally - the factor is considered the cause of pain in your muscles.

BCAAs Increases The Muscle Mass 

Adequately and appropriately replenishing branched chain amino acids will help your total muscle mass increase significantly. The three essential amino acids will strongly stimulate the enzymes responsible for muscle building. In particular, this amino acid group also can synthesize protein very well, thus helping your body become firmer and healthier.

However, this is not the only solution to increase muscle mass. You still need other key amino acid groups to gain the best effect. 

Branched Chain Amino Acid Contributes To Weight Loss 

Studies have shown that the human obesity risk can be reduced by up to 30% if you consume 15 grams of branched chain amino acid daily. These branched chain amino acids help in muscle synthesis effectively preventing excess fat from accumulating in the body. 

Control Blood Sugar Level Ranges

Branched chain amino acids will regulate glucose better in your body. Specifically, glucose will be released from the liver and other organs to the bones to control and maintain blood sugar. Meanwhile, the presence of these essential amino acids in bones will help sugar be absorbed better and adjust them in moderate amounts.

BCAA supplements have a huge impact on health - Ultimate Sup

Especially while you have to practice or work in a state of hunger, taking BCAA supplements will give you a hand in balancing your state to avoid fainting due to sugar and energy lack.

Branched Chain Amino Acid Is Crucial To Your Liver

According to a few recent studies, BCAAs have the ability to improve liver function effectively. These essential amino acids will reduce the risk and severity of complications after surgery. Therefore, the treatment and recovery time will be greatly cut down.

BCAA's Dosage

The dosage of BCAA depends on different group targets:

- Women: about 9g BCAA daily

- Men: about 12g BCAA daily

Subjects that are bodybuilders or those with a heavier exercise regimen will need a higher dose. It is best to use the correct serving as recommended in each product.

When Should You Take BCAA?

For those who are aiming for maximum muscle growth, you should enhance your BCAA intake before, during, and after workouts. Using BCAA supplements in the morning after waking up and before going to bed is also useful.

Which BCAA Supplements To Take?

The body cannot synthesize this kind of amino acid itself. Hence, the only way to get them is by taking supplements. There are many products on the market, which may leave you wondering which are the best. Hence, you should pick a BCAA supplement that meets the following criteria below:

  • strict manufacturing standards regarding quality and purity
  • no unnecessary ingredients, such as artificial sweeteners or colorings
  • trusted by healthcare professionals like doctors and dietitians

Platinum BCAA 8:1:1 is all you need. Platinum 8:1:1 contains a branched amino acid formula designed with a strong 8:1:1 BCAA ratio including leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Most dietary supplements offer leucine, isoleucine and valine with the ratios of 2:1:1 or 3:1:1. However, Muscletech researchers improved and produced the Platinum BCAA 8:1:1 line with three to four times more leucine. Each serving provides muscles with 800mg leucine, which helps in recovery, growth, and prevents muscle breakdown.

As one of the three important branched chain amino acids along with valine and isoleucine in the athlete's supplementary diet, leucine has received more attention as a catalyst for muscle growth. Leucine is the only amino acid capable of regulating muscle protein synthesis, reducing muscle tissue degeneration.

Although most BCAA supplements are powdered, numerous high-quality capsules are available for those who prefer taking pills for more convenience. And Platinum BCAA 8:1:1 is an example. Having Platinum BCAA 8:1:1 means you are likely to get rid of certain liver diseases such as cirrhosis, a condition characterized by liver scarring. 

If you have cirrhosis, consult your healthcare provider before taking BCAAs to ensure safety. When shopping for a BCAA supplement, don't forget to purchase supplements from trusted stores such as Ultimate Sup. Being committed to serving the best products with the highest quality standards, you will be 100% satisfied to buy Platinum BCAA 8:1:1 at Ultimate Sup.

MuscleTech PLATINUM BCAA 8:1:1 promotes muscle protein synthesis - Ultimate Sup

Besides the convenient capsule form of BCAA, powder form might be an option too. MusclePharm Essentials BCAA is one of the top products you can go for. The product from MusclePharm offers an exclusive patent-pending ratio, which is 3 Leucine: 1 Isoleucine: 2 Valine. This ratio is specially formulated to deliver ideal amino acids during all stages of muscle growth and maintenance. With a tasty flavor brought to you when taking intra-workout together with water, amino acids will be released both before and after workouts. Besides, MusclePharm Essentials BCAA minimizes muscle damage while also increasing muscle mass. 

MusclePharm Essentials BCAA Powder, Post-Workout Recovery  Drink, Fruit Punch, 30 Servings - Ultimate Sup

MusclePharm Essentials BCAA has a natural flavor of fruit that is easy to drink. Moreover, it supports fat burning and keeps you active during exercise. That’s why athletes always choose to enhance their BCAA intake with the product. They tend to use it as a part of their healthy diet and exercise program.

That's Branched Chain Amino Acid. We just introduced everything about this nutrient and how to take the best advantages of it. Please comment and let us know your opinion about this topic!

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