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MuscleTech Mass Tech and 8 Frequently Asked Questions

by Ultimate Sup Staff on June 28, 2021

Regarded as one of the best mass gainer in Singapore, find out more about MuscleTech Mass Tech with Ultimate Sup. 

Gaining weight, building muscle, and owning an incredible body is a dream of every gym-goer. In addition to a reasonable and regular exercise regimen, using more workout supplements is also an option to achieve the goal. Speaking of this topic, MuscleTech Mass Tech must be mentioned as the number-one muscle mass supplement that has received plenty of positive reviews. 

MuscleTech Mass Tech is becoming the best choice with its optimal content of effective and supporting muscle growth ingredients. Today, let's get to know more about this product by answering eight frequently asked questions below.

For those who are still wondering whether to use MuscleTech Mass Tech, take some time to read these 8 FAQs to understand more about its benefits.

TL;DR What To Know About MuscleTech Mass Tech - The Best Mass Gainer

MuscleTech Mass Tech - Best mass gainer in Singapore

What Is MuscleTech Mass Tech?

MuscleTech Mass Tech is a carefully researched and blended workout supplement that provides optimal ingredient levels to support effective weight gain along with muscle development, including 80g of protein and 1170g of calories in per dose. 

What About MuscleTech?

The brand isn't uncommon for bodybuilders, especially for those who specialize in muscle building products. As one of the most well-known American workout supplement brands, MuscleTech has always been a name trusted and loved by practitioners all around the world. During its 20 years of establishment and development, the company has only collaborated with CGMP-compliant manufacturers. Committed to providing the highest quality items, it tends to check each manufactured product's condition and conduct its own standards by using an independent laboratory.

Apart from Mass Tech, MuscleTech is “the father" of several best-selling supplements such as NitroTech, Hydroxycut, and Platinum 100% Creatine, etc.

Muscletech Mass Tech is the best dietary supplement to buy - Ultimate Sup

Nutrition Facts Of Mass Tech

To evaluate the mass gainer's quality, the ingredient content is considered the most important. Let's take a look at what Mass Tech is special about.

  • With 255g, or 5 scoops, Mass Tech gives you 1000 Calories when mixed with filtered water. This figure goes up to 1500 Calories when mixed with fresh unsweetened milk. One golden rule to help you lose weight or gain weight immediately is that the calorie amount you consume must be greater than the calories burned, which means you need to consume more calories than usual. Therefore, thanks to this calorie content, improving calorie intake is no longer difficult.
  • You will receive 63g Protein when mixed with filtered water. Besides, the Protein content might reach 80g or even more when dissolved with 600ml of fresh milk. The product consists of a blend of different high-quality protein sources: Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate. Gradually, you can promote your muscle growth. 
  • With 168g Carbs and 2.5g Dietary Fiber and 8g of Sugars, Mass Tech helps the body strongly produce energy to improve your endurance during training. This is the optimal energy source when exercising with high intensity, promoting weight gain process quickly and potently. 
  • 10g Creatine per serving to support rapid strength gain.
  • 5g L-Leucine, including L-Leucine and Whey Protein - an ingredient that develops your skeletal muscles, then supports the protein transportation into muscle tissue. 
  • 3g L-Alanine including L-Alanine, Whey Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Concentrate. L-Alanine is a second important amino acid after L-Leucine in protein synthesis. It plays a vital role in the production of glucose to make energy usable. 
  • 3g Glycine including Glycine, Whey Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Concentrate.
  • 2g Taurine to enhance muscle growth. 

These statistics are clearly stated on the product's packaging you can quickly refer. Additionally, the ingredient table of this muscle building product also has the presence of 320mg Calcium, 0.7mg Iron, 380mg Salt with an enzyme blend containing 50mg Papain and 50mg Amylase to boost your body digestion. Due to the benefits of growing muscle in the long run, reducing pain, promoting muscle recovery, and increasing the ability to absorb Protein, Mass Tech has gained lots of appreciation. 

Is MuscleTech Mass Tech Good?

Suppose you are looking for a nutritional food that helps gain weight while promoting effective muscle growth and an exercise regimen. In that case, MuscleTech Mass Tech is definitely an outstanding choice that cannot be ignored. However, using the booster without training is not recommended. Indeed, there's no supplement on the market that can improve your muscle-building without practicing. To gain muscle, it is imperative to have a training process. Only using mass gainers can lead to fat and uncountable weights. 

What Is The Best Flavor Of MuscleTech Mass Tech?

Currently, Mass Tech is being distributed with four main flavors: chocolate, cookies and cream, strawberry, and vanilla. You can choose any kind of flavor according to your appetite. Each flavor has a different taste, bringing a unique feeling for customers. So, it's hard to decide which one is the best. But based on the product consumption, vanilla may be the most popular taste, which is suitable for almost all people, easy to drink and combine with other fruits. 

Who Should Use MuscleTech Mass Tech?

MuscleTech Mass Tech is a great support for the following cases: 

  • People who want to gain weight and muscle fast. 
  • People who are following a training regime like gym-goers, bodybuilders, and sport athletes. 
  • Children, pregnant women, and breast-feeding mothers are not allowed to use the product.
Who can take Mass Tech - Ultimate Sup Singapore

How To Use MuscleTech Mass Tech For Optimal Efficiency?

It's quite simple. To maximize the effects that MuscleTech Mass Tech brings, you just need to pay attention to these instructions:

  • Mix 5 scoops with 470ml cold water or milk. Stir or shake your drink until the powder is dissolved completely. You can choose to enjoy Mass Tech in the morning, between meals, or after your workouts, at any time that is most convenient for you. You can also divide the dose into two by mixing ½ serving (2.5 tablespoons) with 235ml of cold water or milk and drinking it two times daily. 
  • You can mix Mass Tech with water, unsweetened milk, or any juice you want, but not with hot temperature. 
  • Stop drinking and consult an expert if any abnormal manifestations appear during using the product.

Where To Buy MuscleTech Mass Tech In Singapore?

As a trust-worthy mass gainer that is highly appreciated, MuscleTech Mass Tech is widely distributed. If you haven't found any reputable address nearby to purchase this one-and-only strength developing product, step by Ultimate Sup and you'll feel welcomed. With a really affordable price, which is $63.50, the highest quality MuscleTech Mass Tech is waiting for you to be picked. 

Are you getting to know more about MuscleTech Mass Tech? If you need more support, Ultimate Sup Singapore would be glad to give you a hand. Leave a comment so we can reach and help you out. 

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