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Barebells Protein Bar - A Flavor Review

by Ultimate Sup Staff on November 20, 2021

Check our review of Barebells Protein Bar before getting your favorite flavor. You need to know what you're getting. 

Protein bars are a fantastic way to get some added protein in your diet. But, you may find it challenging to choose a product. The reason is that there are so many different products available. Among all, Barebells Protein Bars are getting more attention, especially in Singapore. Are they worth this popularity? Let’s find out today with Ultimate Sup.

TL;DR A Review Of Barebell Protein Bars

You're managing your calories yet desiring a sweet snack? Barebells protein bars can help. You will be surprised at how much it resembles candy, although it is nothing like it. This type of meal replacement will deliver all nutrients needed.

About Barebells Protein Bar

Barebells is a Swedish company launched in 2016. The company specializes in "protein-enriched snacks and desserts." The nutrition profile of Barebells Protein bars is modest. While the calories are nearly none, each bar is high in protein. But, the nutritional values differ depending on the flavor. It is worth noting, that none of the bars includes any added sugar. According to the brand, the outcome is "utterly Barebellicious." Here, we've ranked Barebells' top product from good to incredible in Singapore.

Which is the best Barebells Protein Bar

Best Barebells Protein Bar In Singapore

6. Barebells Protein Bar: White Chocolate Almond

Barebells Protein Bar: White Chocolate Almond

The chocolatey richness lurks beneath the creamy white chocolate and crispy almond shell. The chocolate-filled middle is smooth and sweet. It's not too dry or too mushy. The texture is perfect. The soft white chocolate coating is complemented by crunchy almond chunks. Between the layers, there is a sweet caramel layer. With its exquisite white chocolate and real almond notes, it is a sumptuous flavor.

This flavor is quite addictive. It's the perfect combination of sweet and crisp, with a bit of salty from the almonds. It's absolute melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Don't hesitate if you like white chocolate. Go for it. Although it is a tasty snack, we would have liked it if the chocolate coating had been a little thicker.

5. Barebells Protein Bar: Crunchy Fudge

Barebells Protein Bar: Crunchy Fudge Singapore

This protein bar has a lovely crumble crust and a beautiful milk chocolate layer. The entire length of the crust is covered in white chocolate. But, this ingredient has little effect on flavor. It shows up for aesthetic purposes. A silky, almost-gooey layer of very sweet chocolate fudge with a hint of caramel sits beneath the crust.

This Barebells protein bar is appealing due to its combination of soft and crunch. It's one of those flavors that tastes way too good to be true. We also love the blue and gold packaging that makes it look super-luxe.

4. Barebells Protein Bar: Salty Peanut

Barebells Protein Bar: Salty Peanut Singapore

One of the most amazing Barebells flavors is salty peanut. It's a work of art. Creamy and silky on the inside and crunchy and salty on the outside. If you like peanut butter with a dash of saltiness, you'll enjoy this nutritious treat. These bars are made with real salted peanut bits that have a deep-roasted flavor. The milk chocolate-drenched peanut crust is drier than the other Barebells products. Nonetheless, the inside is fudgy after a bite from the chopped peanuts in the crust. This Barebell protein bar is dense and filling, and it will keep you satisfied for hours. It can be used as pre-workout fuel or as a post-workout snack.

Everyone in Singapore will enjoy the salty peanut flavor of Barebells. It's a fantastic option for those who don't like too sweet protein bars. The appearance of salinity contributes much to the deep, delicious flavor. Moreover, this one is completely vegan.

3. Barebells Protein Bar: Hazelnut Nougat

Barebells Protein Bar: Hazelnut Nougat Singapore

After the salty peanut taste, Hazelnut Nougat is Barebells' second vegan protein bar. It has been a huge success since its initial release in 2019. There are no surprises here because it is excellent. Outside is a milk chocolate coating. And, the soft nougat cream-filled center of Barebells hazelnut nougat is encased in. The soft and rich texture of the centre is unbelievable. All thanks to the crispy outer cholate layer's exquisite crunch. 

The gooey core and crunchy shell complement each other perfectly. A coating of gooey caramel stays between them. It adds a warm sweetness as well as a zesty flavor. This bar has a nutty flavor that pairs well with the rich taste of milk chocolate. Yet, the rich, well-rounded bar stems from plant-based ingredients. It's a delectable vegan snack, to be sure!

2. Barebells Protein Bar: Caramel Cashew 

Barebells Protein Bar: Caramel Cashew Singapore

Caramel cashew is another yummy nut-based Barebells protein bar. Because of its perfect texture and taste, this flavor qualifies as a dessert bar. Although caramel cashew contains no sugar, it is sweet. The crunchy crust is topped with crumbled cashew nuts smothered in a milk chocolate coating. This thick layer softens to reveal a creamy, marshmallow-soft core. We adore the way the flowing soft chocolate core contrasts with the crispy bite of the nutty shell.

Besides, a thin layer of caramel is placed between the coating and the center. It provides exactly the right amount of moisture to the bar. The diversity of textures makes it an interesting snack. 

1. Barebells Protein Bar: Cookies And Cream

Barebells Protein Bar: Cookies And Cream Singapore

Our favorite is the irresistible Barebells cookies and cream. Without a doubt, these are the best cookies and cream healthy snacks on the market. Don't be surprised if a single cookie and cream protein bar isn't enough to satisfy you. Although it is rich, you will not mind indulging in this delicious flavor.

There is a silky pillowy chocolate core of Barebells cookies and cream. The outer chocolate crust is topped with crunchy cocoa soya sprinkles. It creates a wonderful crunch that contrasts with the soft center. The chocolate has a strong flavor and a delightful taste. It's sweet, with the cookies topping the cream.

Barebells protein bars are tasty protein-rich treats. The brand is popular among exercise and fitness enthusiasts due to its lean nutritional profile and delectable flavors. It is impressive that each of these best protein bars provides adequate levels of protein and fiber while remaining low sugar content. The brand also has a few delicious vegan options.

FAQ About Barebells Protein Bar Singapore

Is A Barebells Protein Bar Healthy?

The Barebells Protein Bar has one of the leanest nutritional profiles of any bar you'll find. Each 55g protein bar has 20g of protein, mainly from milk. It also has 8.3g of fat (4.2g saturated), and only 14g of carbohydrates (1.7g sugar). There is a total of roughly 200 calories in each bar.

Where Are Barebells Products Made?

They are made in Europe.

Is It Fine To Eat A Protein Bar Every Day?

Protein bars can boost your regular protein consumption, particularly after a workout. But, you shouldn't use them as a substitute for real food. It's entirely fine to have one protein bar every day, but eating more is risky and redundant.

How Long Before Workout Should I Eat A Barebells Protein Bar?

You should eat this balanced protein bar about an hour before training. It will reap the effectiveness of your workout. 

What Happens If I Only Eat Protein Bars And Don't Workout?

Overeating protein while not exercising can lead you to store fat.

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