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Best Places To Buy Supplements Online In Singapore

by Ultimate Sup Staff on March 24, 2021

Many Singaporean gym-goers and bodybuilders wonder what are the best places to buy supplements online in Singapore. This topic has gained a lot of attention since workout supplements have played an indispensable role in gaining muscle mass. So, let's find out the answer in this article! 

Why Should You Take Workout Supplement?

As a matter of fact, you do need to take health supplements to make progress in the gym. A well-balanced nutritious plan along with a hard, well-structured exercise schedule is not enough for you to depend on 100%, no matter what your fitness goal is. Workout supplements are what it takes to maximize your results. 

There is a wide range of supplement stores in Singapore. Hence, you can easily find boosters that are suitable for your requirements. Most supplements are safe. They have no adverse effects. In fact, the more your body responds to them, the more effective your body will feel. Not only do supplements support achieving your fitness goal, but they also improve your overall wellness if used wisely and adequately. 

Choosing your own supplements can be difficult. You need to listen to your body because not all supplements work the same for everybody. Besides, budgets can also affect your decision. That's why deciding on a trusted-worthy supplement online store, especially in Singapore, is even more challenging. 

Why should you take workout supplements?

The Best Places To Buy Supplements Online In Singapore

Ultimate Sup

When hearing the name Ultimate Sup, the fitness community doesn't have to be skeptical about its quality. If you are a fan of shopping online, you can not ignore the Ultimate Sup website. It's the best place you can buy supplements online in Singapore, specializing in protein powder, whey protein, probiotics, and creatine products, etc. 

It cannot be denied that many gym-goers, athletes, and bodybuilders have trusted and chosen the Ultimate Sup website. They see this store as the most outstanding online shopping place at affordable prices, with many promotions that no other Singaporean sites can compare.

Ultimate Sup - a trustworthy supplement store

Established in 2018 as a one-stop supplement store in Singapore, Ultimate Sup's mission has always been dedicated to providing the most excellent sports supplements. This store has a variety of items so you can freely choose anything that suits you the most. 

Having a professional R&D team for sports accessories, the brand always wants to give customers the best products at affordable prices. Specifically, Ultimate Sup has committed to supplying effective, high-quality products to help people reach their fitness goals and live healthier lives. Do not hesitate, just “make yourself at home” and buy Ultimate Sup’s genuine products at extremely reasonable prices. They are much cheaper than any reputable Singaporean websites. 

Ultimate Sup has close collaborations with several brands such as BlendBottle, MuscleTech, Hydroxycut, MusclePharm, Doctor's Best, and Now Foods. It is an authorized distributor of Goli Nutrition Inc. products for the year 2021, JNX, and BlenderBottle as well. That's why customers are no longer afraid of buying poor-quality or fake supplements.


Wellaholic - an award-winning aesthetic chain - is another recommended place to buy supplements online in Singapore. Wellaholic's Health and Fitness Supplements is popular for its manufacturing facility, an 80,000 sq feet warehouse, and 130 employees. That means you can totally count on the quality and effectiveness of its products. 

Wellaholic site provides premium supplements which help you satisfy your dietary, immunity, and fitness needs. Most of them are GMP and NSF Certified, not to mention including non-GMP ingredients and no desiccant. Its service is amazing, especially the No Questions 14-Day Return Policy. 

The Supplement Warehouse

The Supplement Warehouse - a sports supplement shop - ranges from whey protein, general nutrition to high-end sports nutritional products. Established in 2003, the company has gained lots of love mainly thanks to its office in the central part of Singapore. 

Now, the Supplement Warehouse allows you to shop online, as well. It offers a free home delivery service within the next 1-3 working days. Moreover, all TSW customers will be taken care of by its exclusive Purple Rewards Program. 


GNC is the world's largest chain specializing in functional supplements with endless efforts for customers worldwide to improve their overall health. GNC owns modern manufacturing and packaging processes and has a complete product research and development laboratory. It always ensures its highest quality even after customers buy and use supplements.

No wonder it’s the American's biggest nutritional supplement manufacturer since the 1930s. The company is truly the leader in the industry, committed to delivering the best products available.

GNC supplement store


Vitadeals is another satisfactory supplement store in Singapore to visit online. It is buying in bulk directly from the USA manufacturers, without any middleman. That is the reason why Vitadeals can keep its costs low and still provide excellent products. You can receive the supplement you desire at the most attractive price. 

Supplement Shop

Supplement Shop has been a friendly place to buy supplements online in Singapore since 2007. Similar to Vitadeals, it tends to offer products that don’t cost much but contain great value. Besides, Supplement Shop has its own SS Reward Points to provide the best customer service. 


NutriFirst has earned popularity due to its sports nutrition & health supplement products mainly from the USA, in combination with countries such as Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Currently, NutriFirst distributes and retail in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Hong Kong. This makes NutriFirst become one of the best places to buy supplements online found in Singapore. In addition, whenever you visit NutriFirst’s website, its discounts will appear clearly in the right spot. Hence, don't worry that you will miss any current offers on the homepage. 


With over 20 brands, Fitlion has everything you need from whey protein to weight-loss supplements or post-workout solutions. You will find it’s super convenient when shopping online here. Furthermore, you can get free delivery if purchasing over $120. That sounds great.

Frequent Questions About Best Places To Buy Supplements Online In Singapore

How To Evaluate To Find Your Best Places To Buy Supplements Online In Singapore?

According to the Straits Times Singapore, Singaporeans spent $490 million on workout supplements in 2017. Up to now, the number would have risen remarkably. Workout supplements have become an essential part of people's daily lives. Hence, there are various online supplement sites showing up to meet the needs. Here in this article, Ultimate Sup shares on how to find your high-quality but cheap supplements in Singapore. 


Choosing long-term reputable stores with experience in the selling supplement industry is the top criterion. Years of development in the supplement business are a clear testament to the reputation of the store to customers.

Product's Origin And Quality

All products at reputable supplement stores in Singapore must have a clear commitment of origin. Supplements are the ones absorbed into your body, which will directly influence your overall health. Hence, you should find an online supplement shop that ensures the quality and safety for users. 

Purchasing Policy

Apart from one's popularity and quality, the price policy as well as promotions are completely necessary. They are a big plus, creating a better competition and price incentives for customers when there are countless choices to buy supplements online in Singapore. In addition to the policy of competitive selling prices, you should pay attention to the policy of free delivery or exchange, too.

Customer Care Consulting

Customers may ask for some support while purchasing supplements, especially online. Therefore, a supplement site that includes a sales team with long-term experience and training knowledge will be your great companion when choosing the appropriate product. Choose a Singapore supplement shop that always selects and trains their staff to be real nutritionists.

Which Supplements Should You Start With When Purchasing Online?

You can be very confused when first purchasing online because you may not know which supplements to start. In that case, be prepared with some knowledge about workout supplements in advance. It is recommended to start with a protein powder and work your way from there towards creatine, pre-workout supplements and post-workout recovery supplements. If you purchase on Ultimate Sup’s website, you can ask for help from the team.

What Are The Best Place To Buy Whey Protein Online In Singapore?

Among the list aboved, Ultimate Sup is the best place to buy whey protein online in Singapore. Since it provides numerous whey protein lines meeting the highest standards, you won't regret purchasing online at its website. Additionally, Ultimate Sup is always here to support if you have any questions.

Are Workout Supplements Only For Bodybuilders?

No. Everybody, including bodybuilders and weightlifters, can take up using workout supplements for diverse purposes. Specifically, endurance gym-goers who follow intense training for a long duration desire to take more protein just because they need a huge energy source. They could also benefit from a lactic acid-suppressing supplement such as beta alanine.  Apart from that, workout supplements can be used for the elderly. These products can improve old folks' nutrition intakes because they cannot absorb nutrients rapidly as before.  That's why depending on one's need, workout supplements can be taken advantage of to enhance people's balanced lifestyles.

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