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Building Muscle - 7 Facts You Should Know

by Ultimate Sup Staff on October 15, 2020

Level up your gym game with these building muscle facts! Get to know more about your muscles and how to meet your workout goals as soon as possible.

Muscle Building - Important Or Unnecessary?

Muscles are regarded as the “engine" focusing on burning calories, even when you rest. The more muscles you gain, the more calories your body consumes. Actually, for every pound of muscle you gain, your body uses about 50 extra calories a day. 

People always say: use it or lose it. Not using your muscles means you will lose them eventually. Without muscle growth, strength training won't be able to develop. Hence, no one can ever deny the importance of muscle building. 

7 facts of Muscle Growth - Ultimate SUP

Especially for mature individuals, boosting muscle growth is essential. Because of the shortage of hormone estrogen from time to time, the body's metabolism can halt. As a result, muscle mass disappears and body fat fills in more easily. That's why people at all ages tend to take up bodybuilding training more seriously nowadays. Moreover, muscle building supports your health balance by improving blood-sugar control and giving you better mental health. So why hesitate to hit the gym?

Muscle Building Facts And How To Speed Up Muscle Growth

Consume More Protein To Avoid Muscle Loss

Workout may cause some microscopic tears in your muscular fibers. To repair, as well as strengthen those fibers, you need protein. That means you should change your eating plans. Try to consume more protein than before. In fact, you might need to follow the recommended daily intake which indicates a gym-goer would need between 75 and 120g of protein per day. However, the portions highly depend on the training goal you set. As casual exercisers are definitely different from endurance athletes, make sure to do research on the appropriate amount of protein to increase muscle mass for your own body.

Unless you are not able to get enough protein from food, consider taking some protein supplements is not bad at all, especially protein bars. The quick-eat solution not only keeps away unwanted cravings but also supplies your body with vital nutrients and steady energy during activities. If you would like to taste some, click here to find out about these amazing supplements with details. 

Soreness Doesn't Go With Building Muscle 

Such a common misconception! Having aches after workout doesn't translate to more muscle growth due to muscle damage. It might or might not make muscle grow quickly, as there is little evidence to prove the relationship of these factors. You should pay attention to some difficult exercises that are more likely to make you feel pain. Don't forget to stretch your body in the right way, too. It helps to prevent you from straining yourself. Also, it is recommended to progress slowly when you start a new workout program or routine. Same as starting everything, it will help you by giving your muscles time to adapt, which in turn will minimize the stresses they have to go through, thus minimizing soreness. Because as suggested, soreness isn’t a sign of muscle growth.

Train Major Muscle Groups Twice A Week For Muscle Growth 

Let's divide training frequency into 3 groups: low, average, and high frequency which refer to training each muscle group once, twice, and three times per week, respectively. The middle of the other two is the most moderate frequency stimulating muscle growth effectively without cutting down on recovery. Additionally, a study shown by the National Center for Biotechnology Information claims that practicing bodybuilding training twice per week will provide a better outcome.

Heavy Lifting Doesn't Lead To Muscle Up 

As claimed by researchers from McMaster University in the Journal of Applied Physiology, two groups of men with different capacities of heavy weight trained together for 12 weeks but gained almost exactly the same in muscle mass, or muscle fibre size. Therefore, it's necessary to adjust your reps on weights so that you can promote muscle building effect. 

Building muscles with heavy lifting - Ultimate Sup

Plan A Push/Pull Program Instead Of Focusing On Body Parts

One popular belief is that specific body parts should be put in mind and trained separately in particular days. Nevertheless, studies have proved that a push/pull program is the most convenient solution for building muscle and minimizing pressure on the joints at the same time. 

One popular belief is that specific body parts should be minded and trained separately in particular days. Still, studies have proved that a push-pull program is indeed the most convenient solution for building muscle and minimizing pressure on the joints at the same time. The push-pull plan allows you to have one push day focusing on heavier, strength-style bodybuilding training. Then, you can do higher-rep, hypertrophy-focused lifts the next day. This means that muscles in the same group are trained together, so they will work together, and rest together, no overlapping. This will give better recoveries, because they won’t be used in any other training sessions. 

Smoothen Muscle Pain With Ginger

For your information, ginger is said to be a pain reliever to reduce muscle soreness. The study in The Journal of Pain performed a daily dose of ginger will smoothen muscle injury pain. More precisely, raw and heat-treated ginger is shown to relieve sore muscles by 25 percent and 23 percent, respectively because of its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Timing Is The Key 

After strength training, your body will crave for nutrients. The sooner you provide nutritious supplement for your body, the quicker your process of muscle recovery and growth will complete. Besides, choosing time to exercise is crucial, as well. Although any time of the day is acceptable, a workout in the morning will keep you active and stick to the plan easily. Unless you can't face getting up early, try different routines to build your most suitable workout schedule. A habit may take its time, but you will look forward to the practice as soon as you get used to it.  

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