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Post-workout Shake Misconceptions And The Solution

by Ultimate Sup Staff on January 18, 2021

Besides all the benefits your post-workout shake provides, you need to be careful not to let this treat influence your diet. 

Taking a protein shake is one golden rule in the fitness community when speaking of post-workout nutrition. Many gym-goers, even athletes, depend on this kind of booster to have better performance.

As a matter of fact, what more effective way to jumpstart your muscle growth than using whey protein and rapidly digesting carbohydrates? That's true, but only if you desire to level up your muscle mass. In case you are burning fat and losing weight, reconsider nutrition drinks. Don't make these two mistakes below if you don't want to mess up your healthy diet. 

Post-workout shakes and 2 mistakes - Ultimate Sup

Mistake No.1: Overdosing On Sugar

We all know how a post-workout shake works. It is a balance of carbohydrates and protein. When going into your body, carbohydrates will head up to muscles and restore glycogen stores. Along with taking a protein amount, your muscle recovery and repair can show a great result. Moreover, protein delivered in a shake can promote further metabolism via thermogenesis. 

That’s why people tend to post-training shakes because after workout is the best time for fast-digesting carbs to aim at your muscles. Your muscle mass will shrink, speeding up your body's nutrient absorption thanks to sugar consumption. 

However, don't go wrong with your post-workout shake. You can quickly turn your smoothie into a mess because it’s not simple as it may sound. Taking a high-sugar approach after training can result in two significant consequences. Especially for beginners, raising daily calorie levels rapidly may cause an issue. Suppose that you dump Nutella and banana into your drink, you will approach up to 1,000 calories per serving. For someone dieting on 1,800 calories per day…well, you get the picture.

Besides, high-sugar fare doesn’t make you feel full. Due to a swift-digesting absorption, your carbohydrate stores will be definitely stimulated. But you will soon be in hunger, unfortunately. Your healthy diet may face some risk because you consume a large amount of carbs. No wonder why dietary disasters happen, and you cannot achieve your fitness goal.

Mistake No.2: Post-workout Shake Is The Biggest Meal You Take 

Several individuals who take up the gym decided to put half of their kitchen into their blender and see it as their biggest meal. They take it after long-intense workouts. They don't know this misconception might lead them into lots of unexpected drawbacks. This will totally be counterproductive, especially when your training time is in the morning or late in the evening. The result is a highly skewed distribution of calories, one that leaves you ravenous and exhausted for a large portion of the day.

The Solution: A Post-Nutrition Drink Shouldn’t Be Everything

Actually, don't let a post-workout shake take control of you. You can still take advantage of it but in a wise way. Try to get stronger by opting for whole foods rather than a fast-digesting liquid following your last set. Plus, fresh food is the best way to prevent you from hunger for a long time. Whole foods seem to be more satiating than protein supplements because of your chewing. This act will send your brain a satiety signal, which no liquids can do.

Furthermore, eating an entire whole food meal can enhance your fiber intake. No matter what you eat, fiber is an indispensable part that you shouldn’t miss. Fiber has outstandingly slower digestion, which boosts your fullness for many hours to come. Even if you dump high-fiber foods such as oats and fruits into your smoothies, the blender's powerful blade will ruin the fibrous starches, making the starch ineffective. 

Hence, choose yourself pure protein, healthy carbohydrates and fresh vegetables. You should totally grab some glasses of water, as well. This combination will powerfully boost your overall body. Especially for staying away from starving times, try to consume calories evenly instead of only after workouts. 

Maximize Your Workouts With The Right Supplements

For the best result, you can follow a healthy whole food diet and use an appropriate post-workout shake meanwhile. If you’re confused about what is suitable for your body, MusclePharm Combat is an excellent choice of what you've been looking for. 

MusclePharm Combat is a supplement providing high-quality protein and carbohydrates. Also, the product contains enzymes that help accelerate the absorption of nutrients and proteins into the body. Thanks to that, people can easily gain lean muscle and get into an outstanding shape. 

That's why MusclePharm Combat is ranked in the list of the best nutritional supplements for folks in the gym. This whey protein is highly bioactive, contains essential amino acids, and has the highest absorption rate among any other lines. The product removes any impurities, reduces the molecules’ sizes, and facilitates your body to absorb protein and digest faster. In addition, MusclePharm Combat minimizes the risk of water retention. Another strength of MusclePharm Combat is it has been tested and processed to produce an unique protein with various flavors that are easy to choose from.


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