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Post Workout Drinks: Top 3 Controversial Myths

by Ultimate Sup Staff on November 28, 2021

There are a lot of misconceptions about post-workout drinks. Check out this article to see if these top 3 myths are true or not!

Adding workload is the easiest part of the entire training process. Knowing how much workload to apply at what time, to what system, and how much recovery to practice are the hardest aspects. There are many myths about the importance of post workout drinks and their amount required for recovery in all aspects of training and diet. Here are a few misconceptions of post workout drinks that must be debunked.

#1 Your Post Workout Drink Should Contain Protein And Carbs?

Theory: Protein is required to reduce muscle protein breakdown (wasting) and promote muscle protein synthesis. Glycogen stores must be replenished, which necessitates the consumption of carbohydrates.

Truth: It is necessary to first know that muscle development is the result of a positive protein balance. Muscle protein synthesis exceeds muscle protein breakdown, resulting in a positive protein balance.

Muscles are created by a process called protein synthesis. Protein consumption reduces muscle protein breakdown while increasing muscular protein synthesis. Protein consumption before and after workouts has been found to boost muscle fiber growth and strength.  This suggests that eating protein after a workout is a smart idea. What about carbohydrates, though?

Insulin's influence on muscle protein synthesis is not additive to the effect of protein on muscle protein synthesis or breakdown, as previously thought. Carbohydrates are thus unnecessary after a workout if the amount of protein taken is sufficient to maximize muscle protein synthesis rates.

So, what makes up "enough" protein? The appropriate post-workout protein dosage appears to be 20-25g1, 2,3, and 9g of essential amino acids have been proven to achieve the same result.

So, why do we often hear that carbohydrates should be combined with our post-workout drinks? Without an immediate source of carbs, the human body will restore glycogen stores on its own. Carbohydrate eating after a workout, on the other hand, can assist speed up this process.

Misconceptions of post workout drink in Singapore

#2 Whey Protein Isolate Is The Most Crucial Post Workout Drink?

Theory: Whey protein is quickly absorbed, thus it will have an immediate effect on muscles, increasing muscle protein synthesis and maximizing muscular development.

Truth: Essential amino acids and intact protein have both been demonstrated to boost rates of muscle protein synthesis to the greatest extent possible3, whilst protein hydrolysate, such as hydrolyzed whey, has been shown to increase rates of protein digestion and absorption to the greatest extent possible.

Protein hydrolysates are made by breaking down proteins into a mixture of amino acids, whereas other protein powders, whether isolated or not (90 percent or more protein content), are made out of bigger peptide structures. If you're concerned about speedy digestion and absorption, a protein hydrolysate is the supplement to take.

In contrast, a specific amino acid called leucine has been demonstrated to be necessary for achieving maximum protein synthesis. It has been determined that 3-4 grams of leucine per kilogram of body weight is the optimal amount for improving muscle protein synthesis. A carbohydrate supply will aid improve rates of muscle protein synthesis if leucine is consumed without other amino acids.

However, the effect of carbohydrates on muscle protein synthesis is not additive to the effects of at least 20g protein or 9g essential amino acids, as mentioned earlier.

#3 Post Workout Drinks Are Based On Factors Like Body Type And Gender?

Are post workout drinks based on types of body?

Theory: For example, a female who wants to gain muscle, for example, has different requirements than a male with the same goal.

Truth: The type and frequency of exercise, but not the body type or gender, may influence post-workout nutrition recommendations. Furthermore, having a big amount of carbohydrates with your post workout meal has no meaningful advantage, independent of your overall intake.

To put it another way, a man or someone with a higher body weight may require a larger calorie intake than a female or someone with a lower body weight, but this requirement does not always translate to post-workout requirements.

In one study, eating 30g or 90g of carbs in addition to necessary amino acids had no effect on anabolic response; both levels dramatically reduced muscle protein breakdown and enhanced muscle protein synthesis.

There is no evidence that a large insulin spike is better than a moderate rise as long as insulin is in the normal physiological range, i.e. not deficient or excessive.

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