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Where To Buy Protein Powder In Singapore 2024

by Charles Babbage on August 29, 2021

These places will help you get a great deal for a tub of protein powder in Singapore.

You've already followed a well-balanced diet rich in whole foods. But, you need something more to meet your daily protein need. In that case, you can consider using supplements like whey protein. It's a convenient and time-saving approach to help you achieve your fitness goal.

Yet you wonder, there are plenty of protein powders available. There are also many more online stores selling whey. 

So, where to buy cheap protein powder online in Singapore? Let Ultimate Sup answer this question.

Where to buy whey protein in Singapore

Where To Buy Protein Powder In Singapore 2024

Ultimate Sup

You can buy whey protein Singapore at Ultimate Sup

The name Ultimate Sup doesn't sound unfamiliar to the fitness community. If you enjoy shopping supplements online, the Ultimate Sup website is a must-visit. It's the finest site in Singapore to buy supplements online. You can find high quality protein powder, probiotics, and creatine supplements there.

Bodybuilders have put their trust in Ultimate Sup. They regard this store as the best online store in Singapore. It is an authorized distributor of Goli Nutrition Inc. products for the year 2024, JNX, and BlenderBottle. It offers low pricing and a variety of discounts that no other Singaporean website can have. 

For example, you can get the premium ON Gold Standard 5lbs for $77.50 instead of $148.00. Allmax Allwhey 5lbs is off about 60% when reducing from $110.00 to $69.50. Ultimate Sup also provides free delivery for all orders from $90. Besides, you can ask for any healt support from the proffessional team. 


Qoo10 is a Southeast Asian e-commerce platform located in Singapore. Known as GMarket, it services for small and medium enterprise merchants. 

Qoo10 can be where to buy protein powder in Singapore. You can sign up for the newsletter to receive special offers and discounts. There is a wide range of payment options available. Whatever supplements you're looking for, you can get lost in a diverse catalogue. 


Buy protein powders on Shopee 2021

Shopee is the SEA Group-sponsored ecommerce platform. Asked which site Singaporeans preferred to use when buying online, most chose Shopee. In the last quarter of 2020, Shopee has 14.1 millions monthly web visits. That makes it the most frequented e-commerce shop in the country. The reason is that Covid-19 academic has made consumers stay at home. As a result, there is a dramatic spike in visitor to its platform. 

You can buy anything you want at Shopee. But, Shopee follows the marketplace model. This explains that all products on the site are from third-party merchants. The Shopee’s role here is the connection between retailers and customers. In other words, Shopee is a platform. You still have to find a supplement store on Shopee to get whey, like Ultimate Sup on Shopee.


NutriFirst is well-known for its sports nutrition and health supplement products. Its supplement sources are from the United States, Japan, and New Zealand.

NutriFirst currently runs in many countries, especially Singapore. The brand also develops an online store. Whenever you visit NutriFirst's website, it will show many offers. So,  you won't miss any current promotions on the homepage.

The Supplement Warehouse (TWS)

Whey protein and high-end products are all available at The Supplement Warehouse. The company has earned a lot of popularity since 2003. It has a great location in the heart of Singapore and an outstanding site, too.

You may shop for supplements online at TSW. It provides free home delivery during the next 1-3 business days. Besides, TSW's Purple Rewards Program will look after all consumers.


Buy whey on Lazada

Lazada's online shopping concept is a mix of retail and marketplace. It started with a retail strategy in which it manages and sells products from its own warehouses. It then incorporated a marketplace format. Lazada allows third-party merchants to sell their wares through the e-commerce site.

Lazada is the same as Shopee. You can find Ultimate Sup on Lazada to buy whey protein supplements. This shopping site is easy to search and include filters for the best experience.

The Best Place To Buy Protein Powder In Singapore

Ultimate Sup is the best site to get whey protein online in Singapore from the list above. You won't be disappointed when shopping on this website. It offers a variety of products that satisfy the highest need. Besides , if you have any questions, Ultimate Sup is always willing to help. 

For more information about the promotions at Ultimate Sup, please click on this link. Hope you have a great time shopping. 

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