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Scivation Xtend BCAA Review: The King Of BCAA

by Ultimate Sup Staff on November 05, 2021

Why is Scivation Xtend BCAA regarded as the best BCAA supplement in Singapore? Let's find out with Ultimate Sup in this article. 

Scivation is a supplement firm established in North Carolina. It specializes in low-calorie workout supplements. While it sells whey protein powder, BCAA supplements are its most popular ones. They come in a wide range of forms such as capsules or powder. In this review, we'll look at the advantages of Scivation's 'all-in-one' Xtend BCAA.

TL;DR Xtend BCAA Review 

Scivation Xtend is the ideal amino acid supplement for everyone. It includes 7g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) in a 2:1:1 ratio. The product contains 2.5g of L-Glutamine, and 1g of Citrulline Malate per serving, too.

The review of Xtend BCAA Singapore - Ultimate Sup

Scivation Xtend BCAA Ingredients

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are a type of essential amino acid. They are very crucial for reducing muscle breakdown during exercise. They play a vital role in increasing endurance and promoting muscle recovery, as well.

Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are the three BCAAs. Hence, how can Xtend BCAA Singapore help you perform better?

Leucine (3500 mg)

To sustain good health, your body needs a steady supply of Leucine, an essential amino acid. Leucine's specific duties in the body include regulating blood sugar levels. Leucine also assists with the growth and repair of muscle and bone tissue. It heals wounds and tissue damage, and hormone production. Leucine deficiency is uncommon because it comes from many foods we eat.

Because of its impacts, Leucine is the "primary" or "most significant" BCAA. This is because leucine activates mTOR, a protein responsible for muscle synthesis.

Isoleucine (1750 mg)

Isoleucine can enhance wound healing, drop nitrogenous waste, and strengthen the immune system. Also, it promotes hormone release. Isoleucine, like leucine, promotes muscle synthesis. But, it plays a unique role in blood sugar regulation.

Valine (1750 mg)

Valine is a BCAA that supports muscle growth and repair. It is crucial for bodybuilders and endurance athletes. No matter how people absorb through food or supplements.
Valine, with Leucine and Isoleucine, increases muscle synthesis and prevents muscle breakdown. They promote muscle obtaining the glucose required. Then, they prevent the muscle from being used as a supplementary energy source. Valine can be present in various foods such as soy, cheese, seafood, meats, and vegetables.

Glutamine(2500 mg)

Glutamine is an amino acid generated in the muscles. It serves many purposes, including supplying molecules to cells throughout the body. When the body is under stress, glutamine promotes a healthy gut and immune system.
Glutamine enhances recovery after intense training. Besides, it supports energy storage in the muscles. By doing that, it prevents the body from falling into emergency mode.
Scivation Xtend contains 5 grams of glutamine, which may help with post-workout recovery.

Electrolyte Blend(Sodium; 220 mg, 9%; Potassium, 180 mg, 5%)

Electrolytes are beneficial for our muscles and nerves to function. Moreover, they regulate our water levels. They contain sodium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, chloride, and hydrogen phosphate.
When you lose fluid and minerals through your skin, your electrolyte levels can drop. If the body can't cope with minor water losses, can become weak, lethargic, and dehydrated over time. 

Citrulline Malate (1000mg)

This BCAA powder formula includes Citrulline Malate, which is a one-of-a-kind ingredient. It's an occurring amino acid that can also be found in some foods.
Citrulline Malate enhances the consumption of amino acids during exercise. It aids in producing aerobic energy during training. This contributes to improved oxygenation and muscle endurance.

Scivation Xtend BCAA Review

Xtend BCAA Singapore review - Ultimate Sup Singapore

With the 2:1:1 ratio, Scivation Xtend BCAA Singapore is a must-have item. It increases muscle protein synthesis, decreased muscular soreness, and high endurance.

You may realize that a liter of sweat contains roughly 900 milligrams of sodium. It is more than ten times the quantity found in a scoop of Xtend. Various electrolytes may prevent dehydration and keep your muscles and nerves operating. That means the electrolytes will help, but don't forget to keep eating.

Vitamin B6 may aid muscle preservation. What fantastic news for those who take BCAAs to avoid catabolism. The reason is that we tend to lose B6 when we work out.

The citrulline malate is the final key component. This amino acid can lead to better circulation. It also is sometimes found in workout supplements to boost endurance. The problem is that every study that showed it could help with workouts used doses of at least six grams. Because Xtend contains 1g citrulline malate per serving, it's unlikely to boost endurance.

Yet, one-gram doses of citrulline malate reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. So, the citrulline malate in Xtend may have a good effect on your health, if not the workout you're about to complete.

When To Take Scivation Xtend BCAA Review

As mentioned before, BCAA supports you to grow muscle and train for endurance.  So, when is the ideal time to take Scivation Xtend BCAA Singapore? 

  • Before or during exercise: Improve your endurance and performance while preventing muscle degradation.
  • After your training: Reduce recovery time.

Save Money With Ultimate Sup Singapore

Looking to save money on your Scivation Xtend BCAA order? You might want to buy a premium but inexpensive one at Ultimate Sup Singapore. For $34.70, you can get 30 servings, which works out to $1.15 for each serving. Xtend has 7 grams of BCAA per serving, compared to 5 grams in the other brands. That's why Xtend BCAA is the best and cheapest BCAA on a per-gram basis. If you need any further support, contact us and we'll help you out. 

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