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7 Best Abs Exercises For A Six Pack | Ultimate Sup

by Ultimate Sup Staff on December 19, 2020

Want to hit your upper and lower ab muscles? Train your abs every day with these abdominal exercises at various levels. 

According to Edwin Wealth, NASM-CPT and trainer at Equinox, engaging a strong core is the key to prevent you from injury wherever you are. Everything you do, every sport you take up, it all starts with your core. 

Top 7 Ab Workouts To Get A Flat Belly - Ultimate Sup

You cannot get your dream body at a glance. The transformation takes time with the right strategy and a complex volume of exercises, especially abs exercises. In case you’re confused, don't know where to start and whether all your methods will truly make a difference, Ultimate Sup is here to help you work things out. 

It might be complicated for you to get washboard abs. You have to balance between practicing an abs workout program and following a nutrient-rich diet. Today, Ultimate Sup will tell you more about the abs gym routine. 

The Benefits Of Abs Exercises 

Having visible abs is just a small benefit when speaking of earning your core. Hence, even if you are an employee who just wants to stay healthy, a gym-goer who needs to get in shape, or an athlete who craves for your successful career, abs exercises are something you have to focus on. 

Beat Back Pain 

In 2016, the Office for National Statistics revealed that musculoskeletal problems, including back pain, ruined 31 million workdays in the United Kingdom. Additionally, it resulted in approximated 12.3 billion euro per year for treatment costs. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it, which is better and way cheaper. It's a proper core-focused training program. An effective one can help you get rid of back pain quickly. For example, according to Canadian research, side planks will be more useful than sit-ups or crunches.

Reach The Best In You

You can know yourself better during your workouts. To be specific, you'll need a well-built midsection as a strong foundation to enhance your compound moves as well as increase your reps and force. Abs exercises will help you with that. They also assist you in standing up straight and have a stronger balance. Sports medicine specialist J. Christopher Mendler, M.D, revealed to Men's Health that a powerful core would keep your torso stable, supporting both your training and daily movements. Especially when you are a professional athlete, training your core can provide your limbs with more power, making you the best at your sport. 

7 Best Abs Exercises For A Six Pack

1. V-Ups: 

Not only does this exercise support fat burning, but it also promotes back muscles, making your abdomen firm and strong. You should spend time doing chest exercises towards your pelvis. They will influence your whole core but tend to focus on your upper abs. 

How To Do: 

  • Lying down the floor with your legs outstretched, hands overhead. 
  • Extend your legs, lift your arms and legs to balance on your tailbone. Keep this position for 1-3 seconds, forming a “V" shape.
  • Return to the original position. That's when you finish one rep. 
How to Do V-Ups - Ultimate Sup

2. Hollow Holds: 

Of course, your “six-pack" muscles need a lot of attention, too. As a part of the “rectus abdominis", middle abs play a vital role in lexing your spine. Moreover, they connect your pelvis and ribcage together. So, start to build a strong core right away by this middle ab exercise. Hollow Holds is as legendary as the Plank exercise. It fully develops a tight and stable core in the most effective way. Therefore, you can transfer your energy and power throughout your entire body with no doubt. 

How To Do: 

  • Lay flat on your back, pulling your knees up towards your chest. Then, slowly extend your legs forward while raising your hands above and behind your head. Your arm and legs should be raised a few inches off the floor.
  • Keep your lower back flat against the ground at all times. 
  • Maintain this position in your lower back.
How to Do a Hollow Holds for Ripped Abs - Ultimate Sup

3. Barbell Floor Wiper

The Barbell Floor Wiper is not only good for your intercostals but also for all of your abdominal muscles as your body has to try to resist twisting force. 

How To Do: 

  • Get down on the ground. Keep your feet together; let your back stay on the floor, and have your arms holding the barbell above your chest. 
  • Form the L-shaped position when your arms are straight, and your legs are up.
  • Bring your legs from one side to the other side and back up. Keep them as close to the ground as you can, but do not touch it.
How To Do Barbell Floor Wiper -Ultimate Sup

4. Hanging Leg Raise 

This exercise doesn't just hit your abs. It influences your obliques and maybe even your hip flexors, too. It’s a great exercise because your leg weight will be used as your resistance, which takes it to another level.

How To Do:

  • Hang from a chin-up bar with both arms fully extended above you, making a V-shape. Your legs should be straight down and your pelvis may roll slightly backward. 
  • Raise your legs until they form a 90-degree angle with your torso, bending your knees.
  • Hold this position for 1-3 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. 
The Right Way To Do the Hanging Leg Raise - Ultimate Sup

5. Superman With A Twist

By doing this move, you can target your abs dramatically and stay away from dreaded back pain.

How To Do: 

  • Lie on your stomach. Place your hands by your ears. 
  • Lift your torso and do a twist. Twist your chest, then hit back to the center. Lower your body just enough for the next round.
How to Do Superman Twist Exercise - Ultimate Sup

6. Barbell Roll-Outs 

While practicing this exercise, remember to focus on your squeezing butt, keep your ribs down throughout the whole movement pattern. Besides, find yourself a barbell with 5kg plates for the best result.

How To Do: 

  • Position your shoulders directly over the barbell. 
  • Hold the barbell and roll the bar forwards. Keep the arms straight, reach out as far as you can and slowly pull yourself back. Remember not to force your hips to sag. 
Barbell Rollout Exercise To Practice - Ultimate Sup

7.  Russian Twists

Russian Twist is a simple but effective belly fat reduction way. With the Russian Twist exercise, some body parts, especially the abdomen, will be able to burn excess fat, promoting the muscle groups to develop stronger and firmer. Besides, performing Russian Twist exercise properly also creates balance and stability for your spine.

How To Do: 

  • Sit on the yoga mat. Bring your legs out straight with two knees slightly bent. Place your right foot on your left leg.
  • Lean back slightly. When your torso and legs create a V-shape, you know you do it right. This will brace your abdominal wall to build your core. 
  • Balance yourself, then twist your torso from one side to the other side without moving your legs.
Russian Twist To Do - Ultimate Sup

Now you’ve got an outstanding workout program. There is one more step to come closer to your shredded and six-pack body. That is getting your nutrition down tight. If you've been training for an extended period of time but still struggling to earn a stunning appearance, you might need JNX Sports The Ripper.

The Ripper has been sold worldwide with more than a million bottles. It means that the supplement from JNX Sports has become one of the most well-known fat burners on the market. 

Cobra Labs The Ripper 30 servings - Ultimate Sup

Whether you want to tighten or increase muscle to lose fat, especially your belly fat, you should choose a fat burner as an additional supplement. Mostly thanks to moderate caffeine content, the product reduces your body fat amount down to an appropriate level. In the combination of working out, your abs may gradually appear. Besides, with a fast-acting formula, nothing can compare with The Ripper. It will provide you with not only clean, intense energy and the ability to control food cravings, leading to fat burning effectively.

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