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How To Build Muscles In Just 60 Days

by Ultimate Sup Staff on October 23, 2020

Even for gymaholics, achieving a lean muscled body requires a lot of exercising and patience. That's why the topic of how to build muscles in just 60 days always gets attention. Today, Ultimate Sup will reveal some tips to build muscles quickly without a significant increase in fat. 

Gym-goers, especially beginners, often find it difficult to build muscles because they’re not sure which training plan is the best to follow. The answer is really simple: to eat more and to exercise properly. Here is the reason.

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How To Build Muscles Fast And Effectively In Just 60 Days?

Before going into details, please understand that it takes time to have a good result. Also, to ensure a high rate of success, you need to do exactly what is instructed below. 

Part I: Exercise To Build Muscles

Such a must! If you don't exercise, you won't be able to develop muscle mass. Muscles may be made of protein, but how do they grow without stimulation? Hence, you need to follow appropriate exercises.

1. Start With Basic Strength Workout 

Obviously, you should go from scratch. Your exercises to build muscles at first should be the basic ones that target the major or minor muscle groups in your body. Try compound exercises for heavier lifts and better influence on muscles, which supports maximum muscle stimulation. With this method, you don't need to search online to look for complex techniques. Focus on the ordinary is the first step of how to build muscles in just 60 days. 

2. Hard Training 

High-intensity weight training is the best way to build muscles. Light exercise, even when you do it for a long time, is not strong enough to vitalize damaged muscle cells. The principle of muscle growth is that you apply enough force and continuously stimulate muscle cells to break down, then improve the amount of protein.

In order to build muscles, make yourself a plan to exercise at least 60 minutes per session, and at least 4-6 sessions per week. It sounds simple, but remember to train at a high intensity as you're at a critical step. So, it's alright to feel painful and unfamiliar at first. 

Unless you're a skillful gym-goer, think about getting used to weights before considering building muscles. Once you “get along well" with weights, nothing can stop you from reading this tip. During each session, try to lift the heaviest weights with the right technique. You can test your limits by lifting different weights. Your suitable weight might let you lift 3-4 sets, from 8 to 12 reps. Besides, instead of a fast push, focus on the slow push to maximize muscle stimulation. 

3. Lifting 

When you do the push-pull dumbbells, push the dumbbells quickly, strongly while pulling them slowly to get your muscles stimulated. Maybe you've already known that, but this trick still needs to be mentioned once again. 

Lifting is a way of how to build muscles in just 60 days  Ultimate Sup

4. Right Techniques 

To build muscles in just 60 days, you need to practice with the right technique. If you don't have much experience, hire a professional coach to help and pick a reasonable weight to train properly. You need to do all the repetitions without changing position or using inertia. Doing it wrong may be the shortest route to go straight to the hospital. 

5. Schedule Your Workout Plan 

Everything will easily fail without a plan. If you want to train scientifically and achieve high results, the first rule is to have a well-structured training program. In that case, you will get to know more about your body weakness. Additionally, you will divide your session time accordingly.

6. Avoid Constant Repetition 

Repeating one certain exercise to build muscles every day never helps you improve your body and build muscles. When you try your best but cannot develop muscles, find another way to refresh muscles by reducing or increasing the number of sets.

7. Rest Between Training Sessions 

Rest is really vital for training. Your body needs time to recover and build muscles without burning too much energy for other movements. Instead of jogging or cardio exercises (that can be your enemies), why don't you take an eight-hour nap?

8. Muscle Feel 

Another important rule because people tend to ignore it. While workout, listen to your body and focus on how each of your muscle bundles struggles to push the weights. Feel the burn, then you will realize how effective it is to build muscles in just 60 days. 

Part II: Having Nutrition To Build Muscles In Just 60 Days

Now is the time to think of what you should eat since a nutritious meal gives you a lot to do to build muscles. 

1. Eat Energy-rich Food To Build Muscles 

Nutritious food helps your body to get more energy. However, food providing energy but containing sugars, white starches, or fats will include fewer nutrients and increase the amount of fat instead. Thus, choose some food sources that have a huge amount of protein such as beef, chicken, fish, or eggs. This kind of nutrition will help build muscles. Then, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables because they provide not only fiber but also vitamins. 

2. Drink Enough Water To Build Muscles 

Having water supports to improve your body function better in general and to build muscles in specific. Whenever you are thirsty, prepare a bottle of water, a common accessory for every gym-goer. 

In case you want to make sure your body has enough water, BCAA supplements having electrobytes to build muscles fast can be useful. Containing leucine, isoleucine, and valine which are three branched-chain amino acids, BCAA prevents muscle breakdown while electrolytes help keep the body hydrated. Give your body what it's been asking for. To be specific, try Xtend, The Original 7G BCAA.

XTEND helps build muscles fast - Ultimate Sup

3. Have 6 Meals Per Day To Build Muscles 

To build muscles means to eat continuously. You cannot let muscles go hungry during training. Instead of 3 main meals, add another 3 snacks, or muscle-building meals, to constantly give muscles nutrition. Taking supplements, especially protein bars, can be regarded as a great choice. It carries a complete source of pure protein for muscles. Your muscles will no longer have to be afraid of hunger. Actually, you can use protein bars pre-workout to achieve the best results. If you need more detailed information about protein bars, take a look at some of these wonderful fast building muscle supplements from Ultimate Sup.

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