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What Are Glutes? The Best Glute Exercises To Feel Your Body Change In 30 Days

by Ultimate Sup Staff on June 03, 2021

You are just starting out in the gym and wondering what the best glute exercises? Check out the following article of Ultimate Sup for the answer!

According to fitness experts, one of the most important factors of building a lean body is to understand the muscle groups on your body and follow the best glute exercises at the same time.

In fact, glutes are a moderately large muscle group that is the top priority when it comes to bodybuilding. However, do you know exactly what are glutes? And what exercises are appropriate for this area? If everything isn't clear, let's figure it out together through this article.

TL;DR What Are Glutes? The Best Glute Exercises To Feel Your Body Change In 30 Days

Glutes are large groups of muscles that combine the upper body with the lower body. Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus are the three smaller muscle groups that make up the glutes. According to science, the large glutes perform an important part in expanding your hip joint and providing a force to drive your body forward horizontally. Miss buttocks and baby buttocks are in charge of supporting your hip joints and knee joints, as well as maintaining proper posture and movement efficiency. 

Here are some best glute exercises for you to practice at home: 

  • Barbell Hip Thrust
  • Donkey Kicks
  • One-Legged Cable Kickback


Best Glute Exercises To Have A Stunning Body In 30 Days - Ultimate Sup

What Are Glutes?

Glutes are large muscle groups that connect your upper body and lower body together. According to the medical analysis, glutes have three smaller muscle groups, including Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and Gluteus Minimus. It is scientifically said that the large glutes play a crucial role in stretching your hip joint and creating a force to push the body forward horizontally. Miss buttocks and baby buttocks are responsible for stabilizing your hip joints, knee joints, and keeping you in a correct posture, creating movement efficiency.

Fitness coaches added that glutes are muscle groups that play a vital role in your body's function. Therefore, during training, you need to focus on practicing glutes. In addition to being useful for athletic activities and reducing pressure on your lower back, glutes help build up a stunning body with a fully-rounded butt. That's what makes you beautiful in any beautiful and sexy item.

As mentioned before, glutes are made up of three layers of muscles. Let’s find out more about each one.

Gluteus Medius

The Gluteus medius muscle is a fan-shaped muscle located on your hip. This position causes gluteus medius, a critical postural muscle, the organ that has an essential impact on your back's health. Besides, gluteus medius is a muscle that antagonizes the inner thigh, also known as the accessory muscle. It’s responsible for extending and externally rotating the hip joint. The maximus creates forward thrust as you walk, run, and rise from a squat.

Gluteus Maximus

The primary role of the gluteus maximus muscle is to stabilize the pelvis and enlarge or rotate the hips. It also expands knees by lifting pelvic tubes in the legs, helping to lower and lifting the body towards the ground supporting an upright posture across the spine, and reducing the pressure placed on the lower back.

Gluteus Minimus

As the smallest muscle among the three gluteal muscles, gluteus minimus muscle specializes in stabilization and abduction, just like the gluteus medius. 

Aside from these three main gluteal muscles, some other commonly known muscles are referred to as the “deep six” or “lateral rotator group,” all of which externally rotate the femur in the hip joint. These muscles consist of:

  • Obturator internus
  • Quadratus Femoris
  • Gemellus inferior
  • Obturator externus
  • Gemellus superior
  • Piriformis

Best Glute Exercises

Sitting day by day can result in the gluteal muscles atrophying through persistent pressure and disuse. This may bring you some negative back pain issues, difficulty with some movements that naturally require the gluteal muscles, such as rising from the seated position and climbing stairs. That's why the best glute exercises are essential. 

There are many effective bodybuilding exercises that you can use to train this muscle group located in your lower body. However, a lot of butt exercises may influence your thigh muscles, leading to undesirable bigger thighs. In the next part of this article, Ultimate Sup would like to share with you more independent glute exercises, less impact on the thigh muscles to help you gain an outstanding, well-rounded butt with slim thighs.

Barbell Hip Thrust

Barbell Hip Thrust is rated as the king of glute exercises. This movement affects your glutes the most but has nothing to do with your thigh muscles. Therefore, the Barbell Hip Thrust has gained a lot of popularity and is loved by both men and women. The instructions for this exercise are as follows:

  • Prepare a weight training bench and a bar fitted with your weights.
  • Rest your back on the side of the training chair so that your shoulder blades touch the chair surface. Place your feet on the floor and let the bar above your lower abdomen.
  • Use two hands grabbing the bar with shoulder-width extension. Exhale and push your glutes up. When you reach the highest point, tighten your glutes for 1-3 seconds, then slowly bring them back to the starting position.
  • Repeat the movement for 20 reps/set, doing 3 sets per session. 
How To Do Barbell Hip Thrust - Ultimate Sup

Donkey Kicks

Donkey Kicks are one of the best glute exercises that isolate the glutes and help them develop most effectively. Taking advantage of the Donkey Kicks, you don't have to be afraid of big thighs. Moreover, the glutes will be more impacted to become bigger and more enlarged. Instructions on how to do butt muscles with this Donkey Kicks exercise are as follows:

- Kneel on the carpet with hands on the ground perpendicular to the body, hands shoulder width apart.

- Keep your head straight, eyes looking at the floor and knees folded at a 90 degree angle with your lower legs.

- Exhale, lift your right leg up and back until your inner thigh is parallel to your back. Tighten your glutes while doing this.

- Slowly lower your legs down to the original position, breathing in. Remember to keep your leg's 90 degree angle when performing the movement and do not let the pillow touch the floor.

- Do 15 reps on your right leg and then move to your left with another 15 reps.

How To Do Donkey Kicks - Ultimate Sup

One-Legged Cable Kickback

One-legged Cable Kickback is a movement that builds bigger glute muscles without fear of enlarging the thighs. Because this exercise uses a dedicated gym machine, it will be more suitable for training at the gym. Instructions on how to practice this One-legged Cable Kickback exercise are as follows:

- Stand next to the cable tractor and adjust your own suitable weight.

- Attach the cable to your right ankle. Prepare in an upright posture with stable legs, two hands clinging to the cable tractor, limit swinging to get momentum when performing the movement. Exhale as you straighten your legs back, tightening your glutes.

- Shrink your legs and inhale. Perform these movements continuously 10-15 times and feel the burn.

- Exercise 3-4 sets to promote the best glute development effect.

How To Do One-Legged Cable Kickback - Ultimate Sup
Hopefully, this article from Ultimate Sup helps you get some knowledge about what are glutes and the best glute exercises. We wish you success in practicing and being able to achieve your desired glute muscles. Leave us any comment below if these movements are helpful to you. 
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