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Meal Replacement Shakes: Understand To Choose The Best

by Ultimate Sup Staff on September 26, 2021

You wonder what to eat daily to receive all nutrients needed and lose weight? Is it possible to get them from meal replacement shakes alone?

According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, no country's obesity has decreased in the last 27 years. In the previous four decades, the obesity rate has nearly tripled.

The underlying reasons include an imbalance between calories consumed and calories spent. Also, a decrease in physical activity contributes to obesity. So, creating a more active lifestyle and a healthier diet would be a fair plan. But, people struggle to make their best food choices. Especially best weight loss shakes in Singapore.

TL;DR Meal Replacement Shakes 

Meal replacement shakes nourish your body even when you don't have time. Besides, they can help you lose weight. They're not like protein shakes that helps to build muscle. Meal replacements tend to reduce calories on the whole. 

What Are Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal replacement drinks are a fantastic solution for busy people. They're perfect when you're short on time but want to keep your healthy eating habits. Meal replacement for weight loss replaces the nutritional value. Still, they consume fewer calories on the whole. You can use them for one or two of the three daily meals. Most shakes are low in calories and full of all the nutrients you need. So, they can assist with weight loss or maintenance. Protein aids to avoid hunger and control appetite. 

Everything to know about meal replacement shakes singapore

Compared With Protein Shakes

Protein supplements and meal replacements have distinct nutritional compositions. They also have different purposes. On the one hand, meal replacements promote weight loss. On the other hand, protein shakes support athletic performance and muscle building. So, misunderstanding these two definitions could affect your weight loss goals.

The difference between meal replacement and protein shakes

    Pros And Cons Of Meal Replacement Shakes Singapore



    If you're too busy, meal replacement shakes Singapore are a nutritious option. It may be convenient to eat some fast food. But your health will cry for help because you tend to lose weight. Not to mention that a burger will almost cost more than a meal replacement shake.

    Low Calories 

    If you're attempting to lose weight, find the best weight loss shakes in Singapore right away. Feeling hungry is a common side effect of weight loss. That's why meal replacement for weight loss can help you overcome this problem.

    High Fiber Amount 

    Meal replacement shakes are generally heavy in fiber, which helps you feel full. This promotes good digestion, preventing bloating and constipation.

    Effective Weight Loss 

    Meal replacement for weight loss has been shown in studies. In three months, one study followed two groups of participants attempting to reduce weight. The group who did not take meal replacement shakes dropped only 1.5% of their original body weight at the end of the research. The people who utilized replacement shakes lost 7.8% of their weight.


    Artificial Elements

    Due to processed powder blends, these shakes contain a lot of artificial additives. The synthetic substances improve the product's preservation and nutrient enhancement. Besides, they have sweeteners to level up their tastes. So, you should read labels before picking a meal replacement.

    Best Weight Loss Shakes In Singapore 2024

    Myprotein Protein Meal Replacement Blend

    The effective solution to ensure you're getting all nutrients you need! It's Myprotein Protein Meal Replacement. This meal replacement helps you lose weight without giving up critical nutrients. You even don't have to cut flavor from your diet.
    Myprotein Protein Meal Replacement Blend at Ultimate Sup Singapore
    Myprotein Protein Meal Replacement is high in protein and fibre. The product contains 17g of quality protein, which promotes vital muscle growth. There is 17g of carbohydrates, 4g of fibre. A remarkable blend of essential vitamins and minerals is also in the product. It includes folic acid, chloride, calcium, iron and zinc. All accounts for 200 calories per serving.

    Naturade Total Soy Weight Loss Shake 

    Naturade Total Soy Weight Loss Shake in Singapore

    Naturade Total Soy is a cholesterol-lowering supplement. The Food and Drug Administration stated that “25g of Soy Protein Protein daily, in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may lower the risk of heart disease” after reviewing over 40 clinical research on Soy Protein and cholesterol reduction. One tasty 8 oz. shake of Naturade Total Soy provides more than half of the daily recommended amount of Soy Protein.

    If you're overweight, losing weight with this Naturade shake can help you stay healthy. The product includes only 130 calories per serving. This delightful shake has all the nutrition of a complete meal. Not to mention, it's low in fat and cholesterol. It replaces one meal a day and helps you lose weight.

    RSP Nutrition TrueFit Meal Replacement 

    RSP Nutrition TrueFit Meal Replacement For Weight Loss

    TrueFit is one of the best weight loss shakes in Singapore. It contains a perfect combination. It consists of natural protein, vegetables, fiber, healthy fats, and probiotics. GMOs, gluten, soy, artificial additives, or preservatives are not involved.

    TrueFit offers 25g of grass-fed, pasture-raised protein from family farms. Its digestion blend promotes intestinal health. The supplement includes 8g of fiber. There are sweet potato powder and other low-glycemic. Moreover, prebiotic fiber with 1 billion CFU of probiotics is available, too. With real food ingredients, TrueFit meets your nutritional needs, regardless of fitness level.

    So, what are you waiting for? Choose yourself the best meal replacement shakes Singapore at Ultimate Sup. Don't hesitate to achieve your goal!

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